Thursday, March 3, 2011


Many times in life we forget to say a simple thank you to those that make us feel the absolute best about ourselves.
Now that has nothing to do with this Blog----

From my start of changing over my Journals of 15-18 years--which many have yet to see the light of a CRT, and I never expected to allow anyone to morphing into Friendships, and Relationships--(all Platonic)...I have never even met a fellow Blogger, in this Cyber World.

Although there are many I'd like to meet at at retreat together! hat would be insanely funny!

I have a couple of Best Friends, and more acquaintances, IRL.....but I have numerous Friends that I definitely Identify with here, and can honestly say I LOVE & RESPECT!

How can I say that? Because you respond in kind, and we build each other up with our posts and comments! We have honest, loving and edifying meetings in this really cool medium!

I thank each and every one who has ever lurked, stalked, and especially read and commented on this BLOG!

You are truly special friends, and I care deeply for you, and the interactions we share! I can honestly say that I am here for any of you who frequent, and ever need to talk, confide or need Prayer, or ANY type of Mental, Spiritual, or just an EAR TO HEAR W/O JUDGMENT!!!



A rose is a rose by any other name-unless it is WRONG, and is a Camellia!

And may your tinfoil hats protect you from all things evil!


  1. Thanks back to you John. I think in the olden days, we might have been people who had random pen pals somewhere out in the world - if we weren't too lazy to write. I think blogs have taken over that desire to know and connect with people we will likely never meet. They say that blogs are dying but that's because they require more than 10 seconds input like Twitter and Facebook. Those are fine for those who want to see or put out a quick update or for one-liners but I like how blogs are all different just like their creators. Some are not like their creators at all I suspect as they hire other people to design them but whatever. I'm glad they are out there. But you know what? I miss chat rooms.

  2. Great post...and you know what? Great Blog! I'm glad I found it because I've really been enjoying it.

    Several years ago (when I was still blogging at Yahoo360) my sister and I had the opportunity to meet up with two other "imaginary friends" (as one of them's husband referred to internet pals) for an entire weekend. One flew from FL to TX to pick up my sister, I drove from AR to LA to pick up the other. We met for a weekend at a B&B in Natchitoches LA and had a fantastic time!!

  3. Jeannie--I DID enjoy chat rooms back in the day! They kept you lively!!

    Good call!

    They say that most people have around 500 friends on FB and the Emotional Energy to truly keep up with 4!


    Kelly--what a cool story! I would LOVE for the regulars contributors on here and a few other Bloggers to get together for a while, and see how we really are. I'll be there wouldn't be many surprises.

    I'm glad you found it too. Jeannie and I back to almost chat room days! I'm sure we would had we known one another then. She was I think my 2nd or 3rd friend!!!!


  4. I couldn't agree more John, blogging is a great way to connect with people. I resisted blogging for a long time, preferring instead to participate in a closed Yahoo group. Over time, that group became too limiting as people lost interest.

    In the blogging world, there are always new people, new interests and amazing things happening. I've had a core group of people with me on my blog for over a year now. They even followed me to my new blog. That's really nice.

    And then I get to meet new people like you! Thank you John!

  5. PAMO_-How sweet! But I think we always need a few new people along to keep it interesting! I mean I would have never met you now would I?



  6. Nice post! You always make me laugh and make me think, which is a rare combination. Thanks, John.

  7. Riot Kitty! Thanks Gal! It is reciprocal- I promise you!


  8. Ok John You can stop sending out the $5 to everyone who leaves a response now.

    But I still want the 420 for my last four comments.

  9. The e-check is in the e-mail!! I plug your fantastic poetry and Both Books!) in comments--and this is the thanks I get???

    What is a Brother to do?? LOL



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