Monday, February 1, 2016

Notes from the: JOHN

Notes from the: JOHN

Notes from the JOHN: Atrial Fib. When the top part of your heart just can't tell the truth. After all, it's all just a great big Bundle of HIS!
....and the Knight of the Heart: Sir Cumflex!
Is the fluer real?


 Can't sleep. Gonna go fry an egg. Not gonna eat it, I just like to randomly remind them who is boss!

I mean- they are all sitting there time after time when I open the door. I rarely eat them so they get snug, complacent, almost mocking me. So at random times-I snatch one up-fry it, and the popping and screaming shakes the other ones to the yolk!

 Notes from the JOHN: Went to the bank the other day and withdrew $100.00. Teller said what Denomination.
I said Bapticostal. She said what is that? I said when I praise God I can only raise one hand!
I got all ones! So I took that as a sign and went to a Strip Club to save the lost!
I didn't say I was good at it!

I so love you all! Be blessed, I hope you smiled!