Friday, May 28, 2010


The Insensitive Meteorologists I mean. Ours reported that the High temps we were having were due to an area of:


off our Coast. What disturbed it? Did it hear about the Oil Splill?
He also mentioned something I think is an Oxymoron- a BACK DOOR FRONT!!!  WT????

POPCORN- Thunderstorms in SC. These literally POP up in one spot and may dump 1-3 inches of rain in a 5 mile area and not a drop anywhere else. These are about 5-7,000 feet-mere Babies. The Bigguns get to 30-40,000 feet, produce Hail, and 50 mph winds. These did not even form at all! They just disappeared!


Should I watch the back door- or the front? Now I don't mind a Little DENSE FOG- that he reported on earlier, but a Disturbed- Back Door Front- well that has me a little concerned. It also seems that all of these "Weather-makers" are LOW's. OK--I can buy that--you get a little distressed you get a little low. Then it becomes a DEEPENING or DEVELOPING LOW! OMG- RUN!

Now for the Biggie!


As if we can't see them coming for hundreds of miles, and DAYS away!! Why don't we seed them with Prozac when they are "Tropical Depressions"?????? Maybe we could raise their self esteem and they wouldn't tear across Jamaica sucking up all that RUM, and then hitting the Hot OILY Gulf and sobering up and getting the shakes!

Then they will hear all about the Oil, Get REALLY PISSED-More DEPRESSED, DEEPER in a funk and haul butt ashore and wreak havock.

These aren't like illegals that are sneaking across the border. They form out in the open, and we can send AIRPLANES into them. Sneaky aren't they!? I say send in the Welbutrin, or the Chantix--give them their Nicotine fix and see if they won't chill, and not go Postal on the US!


14- to 23--NOW there's a pinpoint number-- Named Storms!

8-14 Hurricanes--Hmmmmmm... about 50/50?????

3 to 7   ????? COULD be MAJOR HURRICANES!  50/50 again?

“If this outlook holds true, this season could be one of the more active on record,” said Jane Lubchenco, Ph.D., under secretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere and NOAA administrator. “The greater likelihood of storms brings an increased risk of a landfall. In short, we urge everyone to be prepared.”
The outlook ranges exceed the seasonal average of 11 named storms, six hurricanes and two major hurricanes. Expected factors supporting this outlook are:

  • Upper atmospheric winds conducive for storms. Wind shear, which can tear apart storms, will be weaker since El NiƱo in the eastern Pacific has dissipated. Strong wind shear helped suppress storm development during the 2009 hurricane season.
  • Warm Atlantic Ocean water. Sea surface temperatures are expected to remain above average where storms often develop and move across the Atlantic. Record warm temperatures – up to four degrees Fahrenheit above average – are now present in this region.
  • High activity era continues. Since 1995, the tropical multi-decadal signal has brought favorable ocean and atmospheric conditions in sync, leading to more active hurricane seasons. Eight of the last 15 seasons rank in the top ten for the most named storms with 2005 in first place with 28 named storms. 
8 of last 15????       about 50/50??????????
Hurricane Noel. 
Hurricane Noel, 2007.
High resolution (Credit: NOAA)

you have about 5 in 10 chances of getting it in time! Do the Math!



  1. Nice clouds.

    Heff likes "Bigguns".

    If you look real close, you can almost make out Bill Maher's head in them.

    After all, he IS Religulous.

  2. I wish I would have had a job paying big bucks to be dead wrong half the time...

  3. Hey Dude-

    KMB! LOL. Again - those were pretty 'Maters and Berries--my buddy in Fla still Farms Berries and 'Maters--he got hit pretty hard this past winter. Yours really did look like a good healthy Plant(S)!

    The Topsy Turvy....Did they come with the Plants- or do you pick what type you want to plant. I love the "CELEBRITY" tomato which I know you've grown..., and the Ticonderoga Strawberry- and if you EVER see one--get one called a "NINETY"--Strawberry. That thing will be about Golf ball sized and very sweet!


    Buffalo-- I still love that Novelty gift the Weather Stick- or Rock, that you go out and look at! LOL! If it's wet.....etc!

    It really hasn't progressed much as far as predictability even with the new Quadruple Double Bubble- Dopplers and stuff has it?


  4. Topsy Turvys are 12 bucks each. Do the math, lol !

  5. OMG_- That's way cheaper than I thought! Even if they only last one or two seasons!

    Thanks Man!


  6. I'm rather glad our weather is fairly plain here in summer. We might get the tail end of one of your hurricanes but it's rather invigorating.

  7. Cloud Castles...just right for me :)

    Aloha from Hawaii, Friend

    Comfort Spiral

  8. That's all we're hearing about these hurricane season is right around the corner (or back door, or whatever). One of our clients is a meteorolgist and has us on our emergency watch/warning hurricane e-mail list. (How special.)

    I love the clouds! Your photos are "coolito," Juan! lol

    Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, amiguito! xo

  9. "seed them with Prozac when they are "Tropical Depressions"

    You should send that line into the Weather Channel!

  10. Jeannie, Cloudia, Ily & sage--

    Happy Happy my friends!

    Will probably see everyone Monday or Tuesday! Going to play!



  11. They try to scare the hell out of us every year. I've lived in Florida nearly 40 years and just don't get all riled up about it anymore. And The boy who cries wolf is a good analogy. They haven't been predicting any too well.
    Besides, if one comes, I got shutters and use 'em. I live on a barrier island and evacuate if I have to. Common sense.

    The Weather Channel needs to talk about something. So they get all the newcomers in a panic.

  12. Wow! Who needs to watch the weather when I've got YOU?

    So, we're basically DOOMED....I'm packing as we speak...and will meet you...where?? Alaska? Is it safe there?

    You must be a hoot during the evening news....

  13. Barbara--Amen to a common sense response!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!!


    Kathryn-- LMBO-- I have a question---are you even UNPACKED yet? LOL? I hope everything went well for ya!

    We'll definitely meet up in Alaska- I've NEVER heard of a Hurricane up there--but what about the winters for this old Fla Boy???




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