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Monday felt sooo good. It was one of those commitments I had made a while back and I had to fulfill it Monday. Hence the late post today. Boy am I glad I went!!!!

I'd also like to think Confessions of a Teenage Blogger for the Sweet Blog Award:- displayed in the side bar!!!

Our MEDMISSIONS Van, is now serving people, in our county, who fall below the poverty line and can't afford medical care. HA! That could easily be half of the US! However- one County, one Patient at a time.
we call it-- 
HEALS ON WHEELS!!!  (ar ar) 

I went this past Monday and we saw Patients from 12:00 to 2:00 pm., at a Thrift Store on the side of the road. (In the Van)--it was parked at the Thrift Store, since most of our patients frequent it for free meals and clothing! There was only a small advertisement in the very small local paper (brochure). We saw 8 patients- which is equal to 15 minutes per patient in  two hours. This was our initial, full on Office Visit trial run!

That is about as much time as we can spend with one patient, as we are really just starting to assimilate them into a system for them that has been non-existent. We will be up to speed, and have many different ancillary services to which we can refer them.

We have Mental Heath, Social Services, an OB-Gyn provider ( and for some 60-70 year olds' who may have had one Pap Smear in their lives- this is big!)

We have Free Mammography referrals, as well as sacks full of donated prescriptions from Generous Doctors sample closets! (Sometimes all you have to do is ask!!!) There is a lot more generosity in people than one would imagine!

We will draw Full Lab Panels, do basic Office Surgery as needed, and offer more services as we progress! And I wondered why I wasn't able to work 16 hour shifts at the Urgent Scare, anymore? Because God had other plans for me.

Our first patient came in a embarassingly pulled her dress off her left shoulder....

I was proud of my composure and calmly asked:  "How long has that been there?"

To which the Frog replied- "I've had this wart on my butt for 8 years now!"

Giving back after all these years, is the 

These people left with the biggest smiles, and much more importantly- the BIGGEST LIFT, IN SELF ESTEEM that they had had in many years, or may have ever had! Humbling me to tears after I got home. GOD, we need to learn to LOVE again!

They felt like they were- (and they are) SOMEBODY!!!! But they had been kicked so many times, that they believed what everyone had told them for so many years! 

Basically: YOUR WORTHLESS!   

What a flipping' tragedy. And this is in the Good Ol' US of A, folks...not Rwanda, or Afghanistan, or otherworldly places were less value is put on Human life than their Animal Deities!!!!

I can't wait for the next 2 weeks to go by, so we can get back out there. This was really our Trial run, so we should be much more organized--something I'm working on...as  far as FLOW,  logistics of our paperwork process, etc. Referrals, Forms, Maps, Directions...teaching these folk's how to navigate a New and Foreign World to them! Some can't read or write still...........the language barrier--I need my Ily--or Rosetta Stone Espanol ASAP!!!!  I actually can do a medical assessment roughly in Spanish.

I can't wait!  More to come---some posting may be a bit sporadic for a Few days, as I have a seminar to go to Friday, on Free Medical Delivery Systems, at a Local College Campus!- but I look forward to balancing it all and getting into a routine!



Bet you can't wait for that one huh?

Love to you all,



  1. Oh John - you have such a good soul! You are an inspiration. I can't do anything medical beyond give blood but really - I need to get out there too and do something.

  2. Jeannie,

    Thanks so much. This is one of the times when I was the recipient of more blessings than they were! It was really cool!

    DRAW & PAINT!!!!! That's what you do!@!!!


  3. Loved the post and your enthusiasm for the patients. Wish I lived nearer....I'm old, but still remember my nursing skills. I bet I could handle working a couple of hours at a time and I did love working at the hospital. I went to nursing school at forty and would have worked for free, but they never asked....so I took the money! I'm looking forward to your next medical day.

  4. Kacey,

    THANKS!!!! Yeah, somehow I always took the money too! LOL......

    Thanks young Lady....how's the Beach?


  5. "When we touch each other in love,
    we are doing God's work."

    Bless YOU, John

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral

  6. Wow! Good on you!
    I never really understood Why Americans had to pay for medical treatment, and so much!
    We have Medicare, basically our treatments are free, not sure about the big ops though...
    Although, in the past few years the government allowed doctors the choice whether to bulk bill or not, so of course, a lot of doctor surgeries charge $55 a pop just to visit, which you claim most of it back though... Sometimes you find doctors that won't, or medical centres.

    Good on you for being such an awesome person! More people need to be like you!! :)

    (Excuse my ignorance, you are a doctor, yeah? lol)

  7. Someone has to get the ball moving for these folks and a van next to a thrift store is a better start than the Government or private industry has done in forty years.

  8. "Pictures through a rusty hole" ??

    How'd you get the camera in your ass, John ? LMAO !!!!

  9. Good for you, John! The health and insurance system needs an overhaul, and I hope they get something that works for all- and soon!

  10. It would have made more sense for the government to provide more money for these kind of programs than to completely overhaul everything. I don't understand why they have to fix the stuff that isn't broken and ignore the stuff that is.

  11. Cloudia,

    Amen Sis!!!! Thanks for all your beautiful posts that keep us going!!



    Just a Dr's Assistant (Paramedic is my License)-- I never finished Med School, and I'm still kicking myself to this day.


    twm--from humble beginnings many a big thing has been started--Thanks for the support my friend!!



    I swallowed a Fiber Optic cab;e--the fun part is when I drop trou, bend over and say smile and the flash comes outta my butt! That leaves em' speechless!



    Thank you sir. I hope and pray it's not too little too late already! But maybe we can make a small difference, and start a Model to follow!



    We need ya in Washington darlin!! We've thrown so much good money after bad--showing it doesn't work for education--it sure won't work for medicine.

    Follow TWM's posts and studies of the US post depression era, and you will see this cycle of deregulation/regulation etc. Almost every one does a decent job of regulating themselves- at least the ethical ones--and the crooks stand out like a sore thumb soon enough!

    People CAN govern themselves fairly adeptly. But get enough red tape and absolute confusion and it wears people down trying to figure it out--then dumb us down by Prozacing the Masses--(and yes IT IS A WONDERFUL Drug-- just Moderation folks---) and ADD and ADHD- = Whip Ass for 85% of children, then truly treat the rest that actually have the diagnosis.....oh....Fail the ones who can't or don't keep up--don't pass them just because, and quit giving trophies for 5th place to keep feelings from getting hurt---That's part of learning to deal with life!

    But if you are not a Citizen, and are here illegally--you don't get FREE MEDICINE and the Best Care in the world when we have tax paying people without homes who can't get their Blood Sugar meds, or Anti hypertensives because it's $185.00 a month for a patent that has been out for 12 years, and all R&D monies have been recovered and millions in profits made..... and no one is making a generic...except Mexico, Canada, India etc....but r we can't get the medicine because the FDA has been bought by the Pharmaceutical Lobbyists that say other drugs are inferior........OMG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    sorry all----I shouldn't preach on here!

    You are right Jen!!!!!


  12. wow!!!
    bless your heart and for more people like you
    thank YOU

  13. You are a good person.
    I love how much interest you show in your patients.


  14. When I was between jobs, I went to a free clinic in a drug store for a healthscreen. It was actually a wonderful experience, because the med staff I met were exactly like you. They felt blessed, so I felt blessed. So I say: Bless you for doing this work wholeheartedly. You are truly making a difference!

  15. You truly are an inspiration. I'm so glad I met you.

    Your like my little angel.

  16. Carmen, tywo, Rawkn, Soccer,

    Gee ya'll-- thanks very much. I hope and pray the patients feel this loved!
    It really does feel good to give back, and all this positive feedback validates what we are doing.

    It sometimes seems too little too late, but you have to start somewhere right?



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