Monday, May 24, 2010


For Daffy!


Today we took the Med Mission van to Batesburg-Leesville about 25 minutes up the road. This was our very first set-up that we ever did two weeks ago, when we saw 8 patients. Today we saw 14 in the 2 hours. All different patients than 2 weeks ago, so word is getting out. All but one was a legitimate candidate. Unfortunately the other was a drug seeker, but all in all a nice person. We do not prescribe narcotics, nor do we keep any prescription meds, and have signs saying so, strictly for safety reasons!

People with Jonses' can do some crazy stuff.... but we do not feel threatened. That still doesn't mean you shouldn't be smart and stay alert. I have mixed feelings for people with Prescription Addictions, as most if not all were created by the same system. I'm really not capable of judging them, but I also do not desire to be an enabler, contributing to the problem. Thankfully that is not our focus at all, in this Free Clinic.
We did call in some pain meds for a patient with terrible staph infection of the knee...and I didn't take my camera as this was the awesome Boil I promised you all!

If it drained down into his/her footwear- would it be PUS in Boots?

Fortunately, (or unfortunately), depending on your point of view, we have become as addicted to Drive through INSTANT Cures, as we have meals! We want to be well, and we want it now!!!! How dare I have to suffer through a Headache or God forbid a 24 hour Stomach Bug with cramps!!! People actually left the Urgent Scare saying....well I don't FEEL better yet! People are not into hurting or suffering one bit! Now- of course no one wants to be sick or hurt--by my Gosh--IT COMES WITH LIFE!!! DEAL WITH IT!

OMG...let's see--you had it for 18 hours, and you've been here an hour and your not well!

What are we doing wrong? LOL! I'm serious ya' has gotten that bad. We had people coming in with Pizzas, and Boxes from Fast Food chains, sign in, ask how long the wait was and, I need a Blanket in the same breath!
They were truly Tailgating.....
Plus, we are being graded--yes GRADED, by a Press-Gainey score, that the patient sends back to tell you how you did! Imagine not getting your Narcotics! Think that may reflect in the scores returned?? But not be an indicator of whether good medicine was practiced or not?

Anywho, it's all part and parcel of the phenomenal changes I've witnessed in Medicine since 1973! It's really unparalleled. Not to mention the fact that a Dr. may be sued by anyone, at anytime, for any reason: then add in these scores, and you now have a Hospitality driven industry- in stead of, Hospital..No Fatality, Driven Industry!!

The patients today were sooo grateful, and thanked us profusely for providing the service, and for being there! It made all the past, "Problem Patients" melt away. It was a Pleasure, to SERVE these wonderful people. And the stories......oh boy... talk about ripping your Heart out.

~Things are tough all over folks. We are tougher!~

Have a great week!



  1. I get really bad migrains which the doctors always prescribe some sort of narcotic for. I want a solution...yes thanks for getting rid of my pain but can you get rid of the headaches??? I do usually wait for 3 days of pain, light sensitivity and vomiting before I call...I am afraid my doctors will make me an addict like they did to my sister...BUT...she would tell me she would take them for fun...I would ask if she was afraid of becoming an addict...she would always say years later she is an addict...

  2. Christiejolu,

    I too had bad "Cluster Headaches", Migraines for men! Those are not fun! I'm so sorry you suffer from them.

    It is a delicate balance, and Narcotics are very very necessary in a lot of situations. That's why I'm not capable of judging anyone, as I've need them myself!

    So sorry about your Sister...


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    OK - and Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Wow!!!!!!!!! What a day you had!!!!!

  6. I'm so glad you can help some people. There will always be those who try to take advantage. They've screwed up our health system profoundly over the last few years to make it "free" for everyone but I'm still glad we've got it.

    We used to pay our own premiums which was hard when you didn't make much but not impossible. I recall paying $300 for the family every quarter. It was $150 for myself before I got married. Welfare paid for recipients and it was the last thing they cut off when you went off it. Why they messed with that I don't know.

  7. Personally, I think our COUNTRY needs Meds !

  8. Kay-- Thanks it was soo cool!


    Jeannie-- most people really need the Medicaid- but funding is getting very slim. It will prob be the first to go.


    Heff- Can I get a witness! AMEN!

    We can all just chill!

    Prozac and Birth Control in the water supply!- You must pass a parenting test- before antidote-LOL.
    Just kidding folks-- I love Children. esp with sweet and sour sauce!

    All other pharmaceuticals--by mail!!



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