Thursday, May 6, 2010


I was given an awesome AWARD created by My Good Friend Overseas- Alice in Wonderland!

Thanks Alice, and I just want to give a quick History lesson on this special day before the Questions!

I heard that the Aztec King did not like dry sandwiches--it seems the boat carrying a certain condiment, that made them moist and tasty got hit by a storm and didn't make it ashore--when the King asked for his sandwich, the servant said, I'm sorry but we couldn't make it--

The King was mad and asked why--

The servant said because the Storm

Sinka de Mayo!!!

And that happened on May 5th 1216!

Alice- I did the entire post and lost it! If I can find it I will re post- however-- gave me this award already! I so enjoyed the questions that I re answered them. Seriously- the Cinco de Mayo was a far as it saved.

And now it is saying it again at the bottom- Post was not saved due to form errors, so I'm going to bail--before it boots me off again! I will answer the questions on your comments, as I had some good ones!

OK--Here are the Questions-copied from your Blog & Answers from Your Comments!

  • Everyone knows that I am a huge Heath Ledger fan, so what is your favourite Heath movie?
  • What is your favourite colour?
  • Your earliest memory?
  • Your secret fantasy?
  • If you were stuck in an elevator with one person, who would it be?
  • And what would you do to pass the time?
  • Favourite novel?
  • If you were on “American Idol” what would you sing? (never mind Simon Cowell, he's leaving!)
  • Long soak in tub or quick shower?
  • Restaurant or picnic


1. The Patriot--filmed entirely on location and based in SC. How could you go wrong with Mel, Heath and SC!!!!!

2.     3.                                                                                                                                 OK--Blue!

3. Standing at a window crying with an earache. It was 1956 and I was two and it's my earliest memory- the next is not for many years! But it WAS SNOWING!!!! YES- In TAMPA--(Plant City Fla), and I even looked it up in the record books to confirm it snowed!!!--but I could not go out, in an Historic event due to my earache!

4. Printable? Ok--Not becoming a Doctor when I had the chance- I still fantasize about how my life would have been different.

5. An Elevator Repairman!

6. Ask relevant questions-like: OH, so that's why we are falling!

7. Almost Impossible- but due to the time in my life- Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Then,  Catch-22,  Pilgrim's Progress,  and The Catcher in the Rye.

8. Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin- I may post that on the Blog- or Forever Young- by Rod Stewart.

9. Long Soak! With Candles--Yes I am in Touch....LOL!!!

10. Picnic--only if it's by that bench in your Photo--that place is magical.


  it all off......(it's a bottle  CAP)


(it's a TIRE)

 and I'm gonna go to bed!




  1. Pat,


    And Welcome to Full-on Forward!!!!!!


  2. OK to all the rest but why is there only one lug nut visible on that doesn't look like a racing tire. As in NASCAR which uses a center lug.

  3. Very interesting!

    We can always call you Doc.

  4. Ay Juan, you will always be "Forever Young." Sing it to me, Juanny D!! lol

  5. Congratulations! I've yet to see the Patriot... But just so you don't think I'm boycotting SC on principle, I'm currently reading The Prince of Tides and really enjoying it.

  6. HAHA! Your pics crack me up! :D

  7. Congrats man! However I am a bit disturbed about who you would choose of all ppl to be trapped in an elevator with? Whats that all about? Maybe you speed thru the questions and need to go back and re think? No? Ok then.

  8. Interesting stuff..who thinks all this up?

  9. Everyone knows that I am a huge Heath Ledger fan, so what is your favourite Heath movie? Um, The Dark Knight, becuase it's the only one I know.

    What is your favourite colour? Purple !

    Your earliest memory? Mommy's Knockers.

    Your secret fantasy? To be stuck in an elevator with Pandora Peaks.

    If you were stuck in an elevator with one person, who would it be? PANDORA PEAKS !

    And what would you do to pass the time? I'd PEAK !

    Favourite novel? What ? Is that a book or sumpthin' ??

    If you were on “American Idol” what would you sing? "Never Coming Back" !

    Long soak in tub or quick shower? Long soak in the shower !

    Restaurant or picnic ? Restaurant (damn ants!)

  10. the walking man-- dude! Who stole my lugs? I just had 3 new tires put on! I thought they did it really really fast! LOL....I promise I didn't notice that--good call--sure hope they're under that $29.99 Jayzee 20- ok ok--they be 19's !!!! Wheel cover-LOL


    Jeannie- Love it!




    Coco--Cinco de Mayo--- ay yay ay ay ay----sorry-

    May the good Lord be with you
    Down every road that you roam
    And may sunshine and happiness
    Surround you when you're far from home

    See tribute on next post!

    For you!

    Juanny D. I almost feel like Sunny Delight- LOL- aka Doc per Jeannie! I don't know why--Why Doc Jeannie?


    that is an OWNER! I but Very Very few DVD's anymore as I've realized- just how many times DO you watch them--but from a purely historical angle-It's one I think you would LOVE- especially with your reviews etc! (Which I Love btw!)

    I'd be interested to see what you thought!
    An Aussie doing a Hx on the American Revolution...but one thing Mel Gibson does- is his research! I started to go down and put in to be an extra when they were filming!

    Tanks Bro,


    I think one of those characters was set in SC! That movie "Shined" as well! Nolte was magnificent!" I must get back to reading BOOKS- instead of Christian Books all the time--I've gotten kinda lost in my pleasure reading!!! I need balance!



    Hand around Bro--you ain't sen nuttin yet! LOL



    Don't tell me you have one of the only dogs what ever bit me in my Life! My Aunt's Chihuahua bit me when I reached to hand me her purse! Wiener dogs are cool- I know a couple that had two awesome ones- and I really liked their personalities!!

    LOL_ Good response!!!!

    OK- so I went the practical route with the Mechanic--let's see---

    Since I'm now old and decrepit certain people are now ruled out.... the obvious answer would be Jesus--because you could get insider information...but let's see- truthfully..

    You know- I've always wanted to sit down with Robin Williams..and to pass the time all I'd have to do is watch him until we were rescued--I would just like to see him work up close! He had an awesome impact on me! Good questions Soccer--way to pull it out of me! :-)!



    I don't know- but if we ever find him will you help me kick his butt?

    I think he's ill?


    Have a great one my friend! What's for dinner?

    J, John, Juan, Juanny D, Doc,

    Do you sense the confusion and conflict here!?

  11. Heff,

    Go to your room. NO- belay that order--that's NOT punishment for you- LOL

    Good ones my man!

    Have a great week at the Bar and Go RILL a!!!!



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