Friday, May 7, 2010


It's baaaack!

Yep--the Pollen, with no rain, has returned.

This disturbs me. The Golf Ball culprit is eating Sweet 16 Donuts!???????
HEY! I just took it! There are Bones in this Scat, so I'd say our Hawks are returning-YEAH!!! or we have an Owl. I have never seen nor heard an Owl here, so I'd bet on the Hawks,! However after further investigation (CSI)- Canine Scat Investigation!) Ha! I'd say Canine- Dog- vs. Coyote, judging by size!

Evidence! see above pic for comparison!


due to the above strange happenings, we are staying inside, and locking the door. It is going to be around 93 degrees and humidity is up- so that means couch time! I just cannot take the heat anymore.

Now, if I get my Pontoon Boat- we would head to the lake, find a cove, anchor, and spend 3 days Camping/Fishing!!!!! Yep--my wife is my Camping/Fishing buddy too!


We are going to see if we agree with this years Oscars, by watching, in no particular order:

1. Avatar
2. Crazy Heart (I'm think I'm really gonna like this one!)
3. The Hurt Locker- Painful--but I so support our troops and want them ALL HOME!
God protect you all!
4. The 1st- Iron Man- because they have done such a great job with the trailers on the 2nd one!

Good marketing Iron Man...I imagine a lot of people are renting the first one to see what they missed! I didn't even know it came out. Great job on Marketing!


We have tons of Coke, Root Beer, Ice Cream, - Can u say FLOAT?
SWEET-16 Donuts-(LOL) I swear it isn't ME!!!
Fresh Veggies, Strawberries- Picked FRESH!!!!!
Squash- directly from the fields of a friend in Fla!
The Movies!!

and Sunday- is CHINESE!!!!!!!!

We're balancing some of the empty calories with slightly healthy foods, and we are gonna veg, and chill and see how many times I pause the movie and glare at my wife!

"IT WAS A WATER BUFFALO!, for Pete's sake!"  "Now can we get back to the movie.....?"


"I don't know why it was in the movie......." "Can't we just watch"!!!, "OK. OK, (I'm not yelling AT you----)
"I'm Sorry!!,
The Water Buffalo symbolizes the size of  hate between Iron Man and his Girlfriends Mothers disdain for him.


Translation, "Why can't you marry a Doctor, like Stein Steinham's boy- Smegma?"........
Oh,....... She says now she Understands!???? OMG............Pray for us! LOL!!!!!!!

Unpause- Pause- just in case.. pausus interruptus....... no sounds,

Unpause! right--we don't even have the movie in the player yet!


Out of Focus Berries, but they don't taste Fuzzy!

OK--It was labeled--as in FEET??? An ugly Avocado-to go with the terrible Taco Smell we ate!

 They just looked so good I had to put them in twice!

I didn't know the little Health Food minx - snuck these in!!!!

Another thing that is labeled- POM--I don't know what or how to eat a Pomegranate!!

HOWEVER- in cross referencing my CSI pics- I discovered whomever is lurking also likes-
 POMEGRANATE TEA????? And Heff laughs when I take so many Pics!!!!!
I can only assume by incorporating the Pom Symbol- that this is Pomegranate Tea- but hey-

It's why  get the Big Bucks!

Now- get outta here you Knucklehead!  LOVE YA  Mean it!

Oh, I saw Sandra Bullock in The Proposal last night--it was free, and it was a Pity watch. Very poor effort on the Awesome Movie GREEN CARD, with Andie McDowell, and Gerard Depardieu (sp).

If you haven't seen this awesome romantic comedy-yes- It is a Chick flick- and I loved it!

Treat'll have to look in the OLD movie section, and will probably have to ask to see if they even have it! But it's a keeper! If you see it for $5 bucks--BUY IT!!!!! It's on Cable all the time- TNT, USA, Bravo etc., but commercials ruin it!

*Just a cute footnote: It's now 4:35 and I got everything ready to watch movies set up and done at 1:00 pm. I am STILL waiting on my LOVELY wife!




    Does Duane Chapman live near you ?

    Does he shit in the woods ?

    How 'bout Beth ? Yeah, I'd LOVE to watch her "Burn A Mule" !!!

    Sorry. Lost my train of thought...

  2. Do like to hike, or just get lost a lot? Just kidding!!!

  3. that pollen in the water is making my eye itch just looking at it!

  4. Heff,

    Why did I KNOW that you alone would LOVE that as much as I did! High 5!!

    LOL-- Lost your train of thought!

    Have a goodun!


    buffalo-- by now you should know that I stay LOST! That's why I'm hoping between sage and Jen I can learn to survive off the land!


    Lia Marie,

    It has truly been unreal this year! They even called it a Pollen Storm at one time in the South East! I'd like to have stock in Zyrtek!!!!


  5. Oh my goodness!
    You SOOO have to try a pomegranate!!
    They are ever so tasty!

    What you do is peel off a bit of the skin, and underneath it is what looks like little corn kernals, but they're red... You just pick them off, and EAT!
    It's time consuming, but so delish!!

    Bring some heat back here! It was like 6 degrees celcius here last night! I know because I walked home, rather intoxicated! hahaha....

  6. Perk,

    Peel something to eat corn? Shucks! LOL, may have to give it a try!

    Red seed huh?

    LOL- OK!

    It is only going to be 88 tomorrow and then cool off a bit!



    OMGoodnes--Thanks so much!

    I pop right over!



  7. I like berries,i could eat them all day. My parents kinda force me to eat pomegranate,i'm not a big fan of it though. it kinda taste funny sometimes.

    lol,you have a great blog.

  8. That should cure anyone from eating those donuts! :)

  9. Nabilah,

    I don't think I'll be a big Pomegranate fan- LOL!
    Now the Wild Black Berries that will be coming in soon, and Strawberries--OH YES!!!!!!

    Thanks for such a sweet comment!



    I have a full bag still sitting on the table--LOL!! Just don't seem to want them right now!



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