Sunday, May 2, 2010


I finally saw these on Heffs' Bar & Grills Blog, and freaked out! I had never seen them before in all my years of Gardening..... they came up all by themselves last year. I thought little spaceships had landed!

What is they? Heff- did you call them Spider Lilies?

Makes sense!

These came up all by themselves after 9 years!!!
 I saw the Pod People Movie too!

And then I saw these Dudes!

So I thanked them, and left a $20.00 bill in the yard, with some Maple Syrup & one fly I kilt...

I guess it worked! They seemed happy!

The Walking Man, was talking about Frogs and Black Hawk Helicopters......

I have pics of Frogs...Black Hawk Helli's--not so many!

This is not a Black Hawk... but he said he played one on TV.

This guy at least flies, and he said he was King of the Neighborhood...and I had better post his picture.

  He said he had eaten the Daddy Long Legs, and the I posted it....

Didn't have so much luck with the Pilot Spider.....turns out he flew Black Hawks in Grenada.....
so much for the King of the Neighborhood! 
Black Hawk Going Down!

Sleep deprivation is either really cool, or it's like when everyone is sober but you, and you think you are sooo funny, until the pictures and stories come out over the next few days! Is that enough rambling?

Aaaight den,-- I rekkon i'll have me somma dem frech fried taters....

Bueanas Anus!

Maybe I'd better check with Ily on my Espanol! That may not mean Good Night!

Hasta Taco y Adidas,    mi Amigo's y mi Amigas.



  1. I'm blushing John. Well, almost. Squirming with all the attention.

    I love your pictures and your nutty captions. It feels like I'm walking around with you in the country and you keep pointing out stuff and saying something so lame and corny a person can't help but laugh.

    I don't quite know where I'd be without everyone online either. The world would be a lonelier place.

  2. I'd post pictures of my back yard but deserts are greener and the life is more abundant back there as well.

    The 'hood is staying pretty quiet since and about the blackhawk hovering over the houses. Still no one wants a repeat 'cept for me. Anything that makes the place quiet for a couple of days is all right.

  3. Jeannie,

    If I couldn't do corny, and have you laugh- what would we do at all?
    There aren't that many people that laugh at my corny jokes- so I'll keep send the cheques! LOL! You're pretty wicked yourself humor wise!!


    It really would be lonely-- the TV can only do so much. We ought to do a reality TV show on nuttin' but Blogs--and have the different ones going out as story lines!


    the walking man-- Is it really that rough a neighborhood? I mean I can sure believe it with the absolute craziness of the drug trade nowadays. As a Paramedic- I'm glad I'm not on the mean streets anymore. I was only shot at once, that I know of- LOL. I wish I'd taken a Uniform change that day! (And I couldn't swear it was at me- but a gun went off as I was heading to the scene--someone wanted that person dead, and didn't want us to get to them!

    And I never ever went on another "Shooting Scene" until the Police had arrived and secured the area. They actually made it a rule, and it was very tough to know seconds counted, and you couldn't enter the house- and people were screaming at you to hurry up! (We usually went in anyway!) It really wasn't that dangerous.

    This was back in the late 70's to early 80's, so things were not nearly as bad here in SC as far violence towards the Paramedics. They kinda knew one day we may be saving their arses!

    Deserts are greener--LOL! I saw two snakes at the Pond this morning out cruising about, and 3 of those big mean green Bullfrogs you were mentioning- but I wasn't in the right place at the right time!

    Oh well- there's always tomorrow!


  4. Did you take those pictures yourself ?

    Those Spider Lillies DO look "other worldly", don't they ?

    They're a bulb plant, and WILL multiply and return every year. You probably acquired them by way of asteroid touchdown, LMAO !!!

    Around here, they usually don't pop up until late September - a sign that Fall is arriving.

  5. You seem to like spiders as much as I hate them...

  6. I DO NOT want to say HALLO to your leetle frens because they make me eh-scared...but the photos are fantastic, my friend. They're the next worse thing to being there. ¡¡Por Dios, Juan...those bugs meten miedo!! HOWEVER, I fell inlove with the spider lilies. They're amazing!!

  7. Heff,

    Yes sir- take them I did. I try to use all my own fotos--I'm working on getting a Watermark to make sure they're mine. Alice from across the Pond.. is helping me. I have about 50 more shots- LOL, because I truly had never seen them before and went crazy-LOL!!!.

    Seriously The first thing I thought of was Alien Spacecraft! Aren't They are awesome!!!

    If they transplant easily I'm going to dig some up for when we move. Unless they are really easy to find Bulb Wise.

    I don't know how I got them from an Asteriod as I use a cream regularly for those!!!

    I really was happy to see them on your Blog, as in all my years of Yard "Play"- I had never seen them. Thanks for the info my Brother!!!!- so I can expect them late summer or, early fall!


    BD- Sorry Bro, I keep forgetting you don't like those rascals. I'm not overly fond of them--as a matter of fact- that Golden Garden Spider-- (Yes, I know that's not the real name--so don't write me-- Not you BD--the Spider police),

    they would get down the back of your shirt when I was discing, or spraying in the Orange Groves and bite your butt, and it was like a wasp sting! They would build webs entirely across a row of Orange tress...about 30-50 ft across! Incredible critters! We even had a stick straight up in front of the Tractor to knock the webs down.

    I understand it is a very real phobia, and I'm not about to poke fun etc, as it isn't funny at all to people who don't like them.



    And all this after you made fun of my leetle Lizard, when you showed me that Giant Monster you had way back in the early days--LOL! No not the one with the warranty- ;_)! Remember that- the Gecko or whatever...get your mind back on the page girl!!! LOL!!! It was a Giant Gecko-that was awesomely colored! But it was a Giant!!!!

    Was that your sons, at the time. Not, your son at the time..I mean his lizard...NOT His.....OK..... How about,
    I shut the Puck up now and leave it to discussing Hockey! LOL.

    How did he do with the bad call from the Ref? Is it still bothering him?

    Much Love,

    Juanny D.

  8. I've never seen spider lillies, either. Will they grow in partial shade? I need to look them up.

    Es mi amigo o mis amigos. They both have to be singular or plural. See, I learned something in Spanish class.

  9. If you move and can't find any, let me know. I just planted 60 of them TODAY, as a matter of fact !

  10. Jen,

    These are in Partial shade, and came up right out of the Grass. I didn't have to mow this area--thank goodness, or I would have never seen them!

    Good job on the Spanish- :-)



    Will do--as it's awesome to have late Summer-Fall color like that!!

    Thanks for the offer Amigo!!! They may not be up in time for the move--so I may have to hit you up for a Bulb or 30! :-)


  11. Beautiful photos, John... Now get some sleep! :)

  12. sage- No worries-- I made up for it!!!
    Thanks Bud!



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