Friday, May 21, 2010


I am the proud recipient of 2 awards this week. I truly never expected many/any awards as I will answer in one of the questions. But Honestly, it is NICE to be recognized. I think we all desire recognition deep down, whether we admit it to ourselves, or not! I truly believe it was Three-well,I know, over Two years before my first and only award, until my recent round of them. And that's because I reached out to a new group of Supertastic People! (I think I made a word!) I'll give myself an award later if no one claims it!

It is in the Spirit of our Community of Blogger's, that these awards are created, and in the same Spirit they are proudly received and displayed. If you are chosen as a recipient- Please NEVER feel that you have to participate: no explanation needed, just know that you were thought of and Loved by us all!


If you want a dose of Honesty and absolute hilarity, please head over and say hello. You will not regret it. But be ready for absolute frankness, she calls it like she see it, no BS posts here!!!

How refreshing in this day and age of Masks, Smoke and Mirrors!!!  Thanks Hotmom SOCCERMOM!

For the requirements and rules, click on the  SOCCERMOM   link here or above.

-1.Share 1 thing that no one knows about you.   I was conceived out of wedlock! How's that for Honesty--TMI? Born after marriage--way to go Dad!

-2.What is your biggest regret in life? (hello, everyone has regrets). I answered this a while back but it has to be- Not finishing college when I had a Full Scholarship to do so- and to add- not going to Med School when I had the chance. Regretted both ever since, but they are now part of me and my past!

-3.Have you ever been jealous of someone elses blog page and why? Honestly- No. I have seen a lot of great formats, and some neat phrasing I wish I had coined- but jealous--Nah!

-4.What would you do for a $1,000 dollars? A LOT!!  But it would not involve lying, or intentionally hurting anyone else- or breaking one of my Moral laws.  Not that I'm so perfect....but I do draw a FIRM line in certain areas!

Good question though--because seriously--money isn't that great a motivator for me....but it really did make me pause, think...tick off some things in my mind..................Good Question!!!

-5.What secretly makes you happy? (money? Kids? Porn? Sunshine?)    This may sound weird- but seeing other people really Happy- like winning something, or Families being reunited (like Soldiers) that REALLY gets to me!

-6.If you could go back in time, would you still pick the person you are with right now? And why.   Wow!...................... First impression, No. Quickly, After reflection- Definitely Yes! Simply because the choices I made in the past, made me who I am now! And I'm very happy with ME, as well as Mrs. Me!  Some days---ummmm- not so much!  LOL!!!!

I would have had to list that under regrets right?

-7.What do you like or dislike about my blog page. Initially the only thing that comes to mind, and we are being honest--I guess, is some of the colorful language. But that is you, and it's definitely NOT even close to being enough to put me off your AWESOME HONEST page! And yes, I use those words at times myself!

-8.If you could take a trip anywhere, who would you take with you? Dang Girl---- Trouble time!  I would trip over my living room throw rug and take myself!  No?  Not going to buy it!  Damn! OK.......... 

OK- this is SEMI- serious and I have though about this lately---what if I could take ALL my Blogger Friends and theirs--to Vegas- or Some Exotic--yeah  Cloudia's house @ Comfort Spiral  !!!! check out her pics, and we could spend a week together- and have an Honest to Goodness Real Life awards ceremony!!!!  I don't know- but I think that would be cool. Just like the Oscar's, Woody's....wait- that's not an award, that's a state of being!

But Ya get the idea...wouldn't that be neat!  All paid for and everything! 

OK: since this is getting a little long, I'll post the second award separately: Their are so many Honest people that come to mind: I would like you to go to my links in the sidebar, and pick 7! They aren't in any particular order, just kinda as I added or met them! But rest assured:


Thank you SOCCERMOM-- BIG HUGS and A KISS FROM ME!!!!!  (Don't tell the Sportsman--I'm not up for an Buttwhuppin today!)