Sunday, May 2, 2010


I finally saw these on Heffs' Bar & Grills Blog, and freaked out! I had never seen them before in all my years of Gardening..... they came up all by themselves last year. I thought little spaceships had landed!

What is they? Heff- did you call them Spider Lilies?

Makes sense!

These came up all by themselves after 9 years!!!
 I saw the Pod People Movie too!

And then I saw these Dudes!

So I thanked them, and left a $20.00 bill in the yard, with some Maple Syrup & one fly I kilt...

I guess it worked! They seemed happy!

The Walking Man, was talking about Frogs and Black Hawk Helicopters......

I have pics of Frogs...Black Hawk Helli's--not so many!

This is not a Black Hawk... but he said he played one on TV.

This guy at least flies, and he said he was King of the Neighborhood...and I had better post his picture.

  He said he had eaten the Daddy Long Legs, and the I posted it....

Didn't have so much luck with the Pilot Spider.....turns out he flew Black Hawks in Grenada.....
so much for the King of the Neighborhood! 
Black Hawk Going Down!

Sleep deprivation is either really cool, or it's like when everyone is sober but you, and you think you are sooo funny, until the pictures and stories come out over the next few days! Is that enough rambling?

Aaaight den,-- I rekkon i'll have me somma dem frech fried taters....

Bueanas Anus!

Maybe I'd better check with Ily on my Espanol! That may not mean Good Night!

Hasta Taco y Adidas,    mi Amigo's y mi Amigas.