Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Monday felt sooo good. It was one of those commitments I had made a while back and I had to fulfill it Monday. Hence the late post today. Boy am I glad I went!!!!

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Our MEDMISSIONS Van, is now serving people, in our county, who fall below the poverty line and can't afford medical care. HA! That could easily be half of the US! However- one County, one Patient at a time.
we call it-- 
HEALS ON WHEELS!!!  (ar ar) 

I went this past Monday and we saw Patients from 12:00 to 2:00 pm., at a Thrift Store on the side of the road. (In the Van)--it was parked at the Thrift Store, since most of our patients frequent it for free meals and clothing! There was only a small advertisement in the very small local paper (brochure). We saw 8 patients- which is equal to 15 minutes per patient in  two hours. This was our initial, full on Office Visit trial run!

That is about as much time as we can spend with one patient, as we are really just starting to assimilate them into a system for them that has been non-existent. We will be up to speed, and have many different ancillary services to which we can refer them.

We have Mental Heath, Social Services, an OB-Gyn provider ( and for some 60-70 year olds' who may have had one Pap Smear in their lives- this is big!)

We have Free Mammography referrals, as well as sacks full of donated prescriptions from Generous Doctors sample closets! (Sometimes all you have to do is ask!!!) There is a lot more generosity in people than one would imagine!

We will draw Full Lab Panels, do basic Office Surgery as needed, and offer more services as we progress! And I wondered why I wasn't able to work 16 hour shifts at the Urgent Scare, anymore? Because God had other plans for me.

Our first patient came in a embarassingly pulled her dress off her left shoulder....

I was proud of my composure and calmly asked:  "How long has that been there?"

To which the Frog replied- "I've had this wart on my butt for 8 years now!"

Giving back after all these years, is the 

These people left with the biggest smiles, and much more importantly- the BIGGEST LIFT, IN SELF ESTEEM that they had had in many years, or may have ever had! Humbling me to tears after I got home. GOD, we need to learn to LOVE again!

They felt like they were- (and they are) SOMEBODY!!!! But they had been kicked so many times, that they believed what everyone had told them for so many years! 

Basically: YOUR WORTHLESS!   

What a flipping' tragedy. And this is in the Good Ol' US of A, folks...not Rwanda, or Afghanistan, or otherworldly places were less value is put on Human life than their Animal Deities!!!!

I can't wait for the next 2 weeks to go by, so we can get back out there. This was really our Trial run, so we should be much more organized--something I'm working on...as  far as FLOW,  logistics of our paperwork process, etc. Referrals, Forms, Maps, Directions...teaching these folk's how to navigate a New and Foreign World to them! Some can't read or write still...........the language barrier--I need my Ily--or Rosetta Stone Espanol ASAP!!!!  I actually can do a medical assessment roughly in Spanish.

I can't wait!  More to come---some posting may be a bit sporadic for a Few days, as I have a seminar to go to Friday, on Free Medical Delivery Systems, at a Local College Campus!- but I look forward to balancing it all and getting into a routine!



Bet you can't wait for that one huh?

Love to you all,