Thursday, May 6, 2010


I was given an awesome AWARD created by My Good Friend Overseas- Alice in Wonderland!

Thanks Alice, and I just want to give a quick History lesson on this special day before the Questions!

I heard that the Aztec King did not like dry sandwiches--it seems the boat carrying a certain condiment, that made them moist and tasty got hit by a storm and didn't make it ashore--when the King asked for his sandwich, the servant said, I'm sorry but we couldn't make it--

The King was mad and asked why--

The servant said because the Storm

Sinka de Mayo!!!

And that happened on May 5th 1216!

Alice- I did the entire post and lost it! If I can find it I will re post- however-- gave me this award already! I so enjoyed the questions that I re answered them. Seriously- the Cinco de Mayo was a far as it saved.

And now it is saying it again at the bottom- Post was not saved due to form errors, so I'm going to bail--before it boots me off again! I will answer the questions on your comments, as I had some good ones!

OK--Here are the Questions-copied from your Blog & Answers from Your Comments!

  • Everyone knows that I am a huge Heath Ledger fan, so what is your favourite Heath movie?
  • What is your favourite colour?
  • Your earliest memory?
  • Your secret fantasy?
  • If you were stuck in an elevator with one person, who would it be?
  • And what would you do to pass the time?
  • Favourite novel?
  • If you were on “American Idol” what would you sing? (never mind Simon Cowell, he's leaving!)
  • Long soak in tub or quick shower?
  • Restaurant or picnic


1. The Patriot--filmed entirely on location and based in SC. How could you go wrong with Mel, Heath and SC!!!!!

2.     3.                                                                                                                                 OK--Blue!

3. Standing at a window crying with an earache. It was 1956 and I was two and it's my earliest memory- the next is not for many years! But it WAS SNOWING!!!! YES- In TAMPA--(Plant City Fla), and I even looked it up in the record books to confirm it snowed!!!--but I could not go out, in an Historic event due to my earache!

4. Printable? Ok--Not becoming a Doctor when I had the chance- I still fantasize about how my life would have been different.

5. An Elevator Repairman!

6. Ask relevant questions-like: OH, so that's why we are falling!

7. Almost Impossible- but due to the time in my life- Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Then,  Catch-22,  Pilgrim's Progress,  and The Catcher in the Rye.

8. Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin- I may post that on the Blog- or Forever Young- by Rod Stewart.

9. Long Soak! With Candles--Yes I am in Touch....LOL!!!

10. Picnic--only if it's by that bench in your Photo--that place is magical.


  it all off......(it's a bottle  CAP)


(it's a TIRE)

 and I'm gonna go to bed!