Sunday, September 16, 2007


Went to a Puerto Rican theme party last pm with my Beatiful wife to one of our UC Doctors hose. They met while she practiced in Puerto Rico. It was awesome awesome awesome. Learned the Meringue (Lemon PIE) lol and some basic Salsa steps. Dip chip in Salsa step back eat chip step forward grab and dip chip step back repeat and twirl!

Had the first alcohol to touch my lips in 15 years. An orange juice, liquer (Not sure of the name- to give it some Kick and Champagne. Then I made myself a Bourbon neat from some High Brow AWESOME Bourbon with a cork in it! My stuff used to be good when it was

1. Aged on the Truck.....and

2. Oh Yessss! Tuesday the 14th--- That was an awesome week!!! For Wine!!

3. Screw Caps

Oh yeah-- I used the most phenomenal mechanical corkscrew, and in typical BUBBA Fashion- like the Old ones I was used too I put the bottle between my legs to pull the cork. This was so high tech all you had to do was twist "something" and I felt an excruciating pain. Bottle still corked--John less one Testicle. OK OK- so it didn't happen, but it was close and it DID flash through my mind- so I handed it gently to our host politely saying, "Oh, no no- please-- YOU do the honors!"

Anyway it was awesome:


1. Pinchos- meat on a stick (snicker)- hey- that's what the invite said!!! It was AWESOME as were all the foods and the decorations. One of the nicest party's I've ever been too- Truly
2. Arroz manposteao (rice and beans mix) results- (el poots!- sorry)
3. Amarillos (fried sweet plantains) cooked itty bitty nanners!- not to be confused with Armadillos' another Fla, Texas roadkill fav!
4. Tostones (fried green plantains) turned out we didn't have these- too close to Fried Green Maters! Tomatoes for those of you North of Virginny!
5. Asopao (chicken & rice soup)- now truthfully I was a bit worried about this being Chicken A__ Soup!!! But I was ASS ured it was and did involve the HOLE chicken. I'm sorry y'all I'm trying to be good- honest I am- since Shhhh, is going so well- it's like the Devi Made me Do This!
6. Tembleque (coconut dessert) several other desserts as well as several meats not mention- Some sausage and some meatballs!!!
7. Veggie trays...nuts....chips, dips, and Liquor.
8. Liquor
9. Did I mention Liquor?

The host has also bought on Pay per View the South Carolina vs. South Carolina State game for those who wanted to watch it on about a 10x10 wall. Projector baby! Full theater type room!!!!! Nice seating with two giant pill shaped beanbags that I swear were Dolly Parton's next implants- and He also did his own original artwotk in Oils and acrylics! Just an absolutely grat time for two homebodys!!!!


  1. La comida suena divina. ¿Por qué no me envitaron? A mi me gusta la carner en deliciosa. Pero, ¿qué lo que es tembleque? ¿Es como un flan?

    ¡Que cómico tu eres, Juan! ¡Estoy rodando en el piso con este "post!"

  2. SOUNDS LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    How are you doing?

  3. and thanks for supporting me....At least the heart is doing Ok!!!!!!!!:)

    Its other parts of my body that arent so well!

    I am just happy that the surgery is doing me good :)

  4. scarlet- It was divine "Dahhhhlin"
    southern Peuto Rican lol

    I called but you weren't home- besides- you said YOU DIDN'T wnat to come to SC becaue of what--itty bitty Spiders and Snakes LOL!!!

    I loved the carner en pincho the most- it was so tender and had a sweet sauce to die for.....and exactly es trembleque was and is indeed flan! It just said trembleque on the menu but we talked about it at the party and I kept hearing flan.

    You will love this- I thought I was getting some big honking potato wedges right- so I loaded up- "NOT" it was those danged PLANTAINS- or as I used to call them in Plant City- little nanners even though I don't think they are Bananas are they? So I had a whole lump of greasy/musy Plantains to eat- (not my fav.)- at least not THAT many!!!


  5. I am going to say the pic on the right...

    constipation or that "not so fresh feeling"


    You are awesom,e!!! LOL,


    Course now I'll change it!!- evil grin


  7. You are too silly and hilarious. I laugh out loud when I read your posts. :) Glad you had a good time.

    I'm sorry Kaylee is having a rough time. I'm not familiar with this blogger, but feel for them.

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