Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hi everyone,

I would like to take just a second and thank all of you who have ever stopped by and commented and that have given me support over the past several months. As a lot of you know I started Blogging to journal my daily "Life Events" as they applied to me spiritually- which I had been doing in notebooks off and on for 20 plus years.

Sorry about the -especially the wonderful people I met through this medium. It is now time that I start truly Blogging for the reason I started to in the first place. I'm just not sure if I should keep Full-on Forward open for a while-or completely change it over to my Christian Roots- and daily devotional blog etc.

I have known for some tome that I needed to "clean up my act, so to speak and Blog from my heart. I can't do both- God's Word says you can't serve God and Mammon- and Mammon does not just apply to money. It is any worldly possession that puts any distance between my heart and seeking to Know God personally in a deeper and more meaningful way.

I have neglected myself, and most importantly my wife- in the time I spent on Blogging- just for the attention. And I owe that much to my mate and my Lord as well as myself.

I feel much more fulfilled and at peace when I have things in the correct order. So I'm going to post a first ever bible study on Shhh- God's Talking and then decide whether to clean this one up a bit and continue posting some or just delete it altogether. Even though I kinda wanted this journey through life to be FULL-ON FORWARD-- with God.

I know that most do not want to be preached at and that is not my intent. I'm just gong to post positive messages and stories, quotes etc- and yes with still the same craziness but with an outcome of Growing deeper in fellowship with God and thereby strengthening my relationship with others by trying to improve my character, work ethic, responsibilities at home etc.

I can truly say I love each and every one of you and there is not one judgemental bone in my body and I will still try to make the rounds to visit. I can just see that it will probably take me in a different direction time wise. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed- but I really feel strongly about this and there are certain things I will not be able to post, read or participate in as I have in the past.

Am I too GOOD FOR IT? NO- a resounding NO- But my Lord is!! And He lives inside me and is Changing me and I must take a stand based on that! I'm certainly never going to preach or condemn anyone in anyway unless it is by complete accident or sheer stupidity. I have too many faults, too much baggage and a whole boat load of logs in my own self to start pointing out stuff in other people.

But I do have a gift and some basic knowledge learned over 25 years and it has worked for me and many many other people of like faith, mind and Spirit, have found Peach, Love, Jot, Rest and most of all FORGIVENESS of and from SIN that the DEVIL has lied and kept them under for far to long!!!!!!!!!!.

I am truly sorry if I offended anyone with my lack of taste in some jokes and most- (most-LOL) of my posts even if they were meant in fun and not specifically targeted to embarrass anyone. Please just know that I would love to have you swing by- even if just to say high, and as I tweak the Blog- (if it even lasts that long) there will be many different formats and approaches to learning, studying about God, His Word, Faith, Salvation etc. Also a lot of self help materials and references on depression, suicide- (I'll probably do that one last- LOL), Communication skills, Discipleship classes, how to study the Bible etc. The posts or Blogs will be deleted!!!

I certainly don't claim to be a bible scholar by any means, but I do know beyond all shadow of a doubt that this is what God is leading me and intended for me to do all along. I even wasted the first few months by fighting it this long. Except I really don't think it was wasted, because- because of you I learned to Blog, Post, EVERTHING and you gave me the encouragement and confidence t get it done.

OK- rambling over Thanks so much everyone and I'll dedice which blog to keep open and which one to close etc. I'll probably post ocassionally on Full-On for a bit, but I guess I'l start the biblr study on Shhh-God's Talimg.

Love to you all,

John McElveen


  1. I support your effort to become all that the Lord wants for you. I just want to caution you against changing your behaviour to what Men think God wants rather than what God wants. Not that I think you will go too far but I found that in my life, there were times I found myself under unnecessary pressure to be a certain way that I discovered God was not asking me to be. (Not to say that I'm anywhere close to where God wants me to be).
    You have a sense of humour - don't lose it
    You have an appreciation for beauty - don't lose that either

    I guess what I'm trying to say is to modify - reign in perhaps here and there - tweak - rather than attempt to change into a person you are not meant to be. Unveil the true you. While not falling into sin.

    God Bless - I'll keep reading - although I have to say that I enjoyed the you that straddled two worlds - because that is what we Christians have to do.

  2. Thank you so much for the advice. And that's why I did it initially because it is the truth in who we are. The dual nature. It's a tough balancing act but as you stated- I'm just going to be John. I may keep this going for a while- It's mainly the time that I'm spending on reading other blogs than what I'm taking time to post!

    Thanks Jeanne,



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