Monday, September 17, 2007

A MUST SEE!!!!! BIKES!!!-----or YIKES

Yeah- Yeah I could do that--yeah that's it--I Invented BMX bikes- yeah- I dated the girl who's dad made that trail- yeah that's the ticket!!!


John Lovitz Sat Night Live as The Liar!


  1. Good Monday morning to you, John ! How are you doing ?

    What, you're not going to visit me anymore now that I'm focusing primarily on my 'Mhmmm Yes I Love That' erotica blog ???

    Oh you naughty boy... sigh...
    Well, I'll miss you...

    Bye for now, sugar, unless you change your mind :)

    Loving Annie

  2. Oh Yea my Darling- I'll be there...I really apologize as I have been posting more than visiting! See ya soon!' I ain't that Holy LOL!!!


  3. Hmmm...erotica blog or Christian blog? Let's see...where will I go??

    It's like the little devil on one shoulder vs. the angel on the other. (I'm the angel...LOL)

    Anyway, that was a cool bike ride through the woods!! Love the jock version of The Blair Witch Project! ;)

  4. That video made my ass pucker.

    And not in a good way...

    I don't think my schwin could handle those jumps ;)

  5. LOL- Hammer- methinks sa Schwin may not be quite built for that ride! Good to see ya back buddy!!


    Dang it scarlet!!! Sorry Annie- but I have to be good!
    Or MOM Scarlet here will chastise me severely!.

    Thanks conscience!!!



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