Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This is absofreakinglutely hilarious!!!!!

Click on link and enjoy!!! Oh- if you just wait- the transcript of the call will scroll with the call- it's a few seconds behind so don't get antsy- just let it catch up with the call----it's really worth the time guys and gals- this is a good one- I promise! (Some mild language)

PS: Prediction- Hammer will be so all over this- I'm almost willing to wager he will seriously think about doing it or something like it- OR he already has!! LOL

Tha'ts a Compliment by the way Hammer!!!! LOL!



  1. This is great! Before caller ID, I used to have so much fun (as a kid) on the phone pranking pizza places and asking for toppings in Spanish w/ my friend, Brooke.

    I'd like to hear about any pranks you've pulled on the phone.

    PS - My first job ever...TELEMARKETER. It sucked.

  2. HA-HA-HA-HA-HA !!!!!!!!! THAT WAS great !!!!!!!

  3. scarlet- I have actually done this- we would call people and tell them we were with the phone company- this was with ROTARY dial phones if that's any indication of my age and maturity-LOL.

    We would tell them that there was slack on their end of the line and it needed to be tightened from the pole to the house. Yeppers! We told them to pick up the phone- or if it was Modern and actually ON the wall- to grab the receiver firmly- and when we counted to 3 to pull very hard to take up the slack in the lines!

    I repent and Lord be with the people of Rhode Island as well- anyway- twice- there was actually silence as they pulled their phone connection out of the wall or socket. Remember- we did not have "jacks " as we know them now. I think they were called jills- because it was a free- Hole (pr. en Espanol) in the wall.

    Told ya I need a little tilda thingy, an Nya- Enya lol- for the n's and an upside down ? mark- I guesss I could get off my lazy butt and add them to my keyboard as what- special characters- I'm sure there's a way to do it!

    Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Then There was the Do you have Prince Albert (tobacco) of course in a can- call a corner store- call several times and after they said yes 4-5 times say- Better let him out he's got to Pee. Is your refrigerator running? Better go catch it. I know- I know -but you asked and i was what- 8??

    Another fav was to call and ask for say: Steve and try to leave a message- of course they didn't know anyone named Steve. Do this 7 or 8 times over an hour and get them really pissed. Then call (remember-no caller ID!!!) and say This is Steve- Any messages for me?. These are the classics- anyone else please feel free to add and we'll do a list of phone pranks.

    Have a great one all!


  4. Oh- I too did a stint as a Telemarketer- refinancing Mobile Homes from a call center. It's still up and running in Columbia! Paid good and excellent incentives and bonuses. This was really helping people consolidate debts and then of course probably hitting them hard with the interest. I had no idea what the Underwriters or Loan Officers offered-but you could actually work your way up to that position. It was part-time for school- but I appreciated how hard a lot of those people as intrusive as we were- worked.

    And yes I totally believe you have the right to block those type of calls.


  5. I had to get back and see if you pulled any prank, and OF COURSE YOU DID!! You crack w/ the last one (Steve). The others we did, too...the frige running, etc.

    My favorite was looking through the phone book (in upstate NY) for Perez's and Rodriguez's and ask for the guy listed in the yellow pages. When the woman answered, we'd tell her to tell Jose (or whoever) that the tests came back positive. We'd do this all in Spanish with our 12-year old little girl voices, but one lady screamed, "I knew it! I knew he was cheating again...wait 'til he gets home!..."

    I felt so bad, I had to confess, and she said, "No, don't cover up for him! What do you think I'm stupid?..." I never did it again after that. I know, BAD GIRL! That's why I need to get my bad butt out of HERE and hang out at the SHHH blog! Pray for me, will you? ;)

  6. Haaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa--scarlet was an assessory to Murder LMAO!!!


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