Saturday, July 7, 2007


Please remember our troops who had a horrific weeks end in Iraq. The picture above was taken from an e-mail hoax about Marines Praying and the ACLU. I though the pic was pretty powerful though and just wanted us to maybe keep the Patriotism of the 4th going for the weekend!

Unfortunately- after our troops come home we will soon start to forget their sacrifice. Some sooner than others. After all- How long did it take us to become COMPLACENT after 9-11,????? Oh sure, pictures, stories and reminders get us up in arms for a few minutes- but how many of us relieve that horror day after day and remember that every soldier that is shot at in Iraq was initially a civilian shot at In AMERICA, in the Twin Towers.

I know it was mostly the Taliban in Afghanistan- but terrorism is terrorism!, and we need never again experience it on our soil! England just got another reminder that Al Quaida is alive and well. We don't need another one here.

GOD BLESS AMERICA & AMERICA- BLESS GOD! Think we can get HIM back in Schools, Pledge of Allegiance- (see Red Skelton post) and in our HOMES around the supper table???

Just a thought? What do you think?