Sunday, July 15, 2007



My Printer just died. But since it cost all of 35.00 afetr the rebate and lasted 3 years who can really complain. The ink cartridges cost way more than the printer. I think I may try to find one just like it. I really only use it for text and an ocassional pic or color coupon I'm certainly not gonna drop major money on one.

I'll go online and see what is the best bang for the buck for what we use it for and ink costs, per page cost etc. I have two full unopened Ink Cartridges too---hmmmmmm. Back to Wally World we go!! LOL.

Working 2 -12's Mon and Tues--which will turn into 14's, but it shure is good to have job security. Maybe slim posting till Wednesday.

Blessings to everyone......going to InkJet funeral now...

sob sob...



  1. I always get sad when I loose a good printer. It's like loosing a member of the family.

  2. I tagged you for a Reflective Blogger Award: check out my blog for details.

    PS: That means I think you rock!

  3. Can you pick me up on the way to Wally World?? I'm so sick of Disney!

  4. Dude, my most sincere sympathies on the loss of your printer.

    Mine (at work) is on its last legs. It's a major workhorse and I fear no other printer can measure up to its total amazingness.

    (Sadly? I'm serious... yes I'm a geek)

  5. Poop- this is only my SECOND printer since I bought a computer and I started early!!! I had a Cannon, and Now this HP. I'm gonna miss it you are right about that!


    monkeygirl- " I tagged you for a Reflective Blogger Award"

    I truly am speechless. And honored. My FIRST AWARD ever!!!! I'm fixing to turn in now as I have another 12 hrs. tomorrow and we sent (6--SIX-patients to ER with Chest Pain for admission) and then I'm off Wednesday. I will check out all the details. Thanks so much for your kind remarks. Sittin here with BIG SEG on my face!!!



    scarlette- as long as we don't have to tie any old relatives to the top o the car- meet me on da screet @ fo-thiry-- :-)


    amanda- I Love geekiness- I can't wait to go to ALL the stores to shop for a new printer. We just got a small cheap digital point and shoot so I'll have fun looking to see if I want a decent all in one or just keep it simple and INK CHEAP) and get one like I have if they still make it.


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