Sunday, July 29, 2007


Boy do I have a lot to write about since my recent Hospital stay. A lot of this is new to me. I'm taking a stand for the first time within my own profession. Change is needed. I hope to be able to put all this down in a readable, concise format- with a timeline of what happened- but if you know me at all I will rant, chase rabbits and branch off into several directions at once- but I promise to try and tie everything together in Synopses- is that a word- or help me here- you know when you take a bunch o crap and boil it down to a point, points or something understandable. Review? No.

This has to do with my Spiritual Journey--You will not believe some of the Scriptures that were in my Devotionals while I was in the Hospital- Coincidence? I don't know, but we'll look at it. Also Babs has a theme going and I will check out some other fine minds in the medical community to see what their take is on the current situation.

I'm going to add a response here to I eat Snowman Poop- who commented - and this was my response and we'll see if it begins to cloud or clear up where I am heading. And since I don't know- maybe this will help get me on the right path and start to Consolidate this particular thread. Of course I'll mix in the always needed humorous stupid and corny stuff you are used to. Life ain't all seriousness is it?


I will- I do plan to carry this as far as needed. It's just that type of thing that I'm referring to- that extra stay and charge you received. I know it's not ALWAYS the case--but I have to wonder how many times it just may be. But you know--for good folks like You, Wes , Me and my wife who work- don't sponge off the system- that 6k or 10k or whatever would be mighty helpful in the pocket instead of paying 25 bucks a month to 9 different providers.
I'm thankful they are there-but I pay 278.00 employee discount for Insurance every two weeks. We have no children so we don't qualify for family coverage. That may not sound like a lot per month but the same coverage last year- SAME PRICE in our group went from 250.00 deductible- Max 1500.00 out of pocket max total- for medical and Rx's- then covered at 90%.
Now it is 1000.00 Deductible per person--yep 2K and 2500.00 out of pocket max instead of 1500.00 and pays at 80%. Did the whole friggin group have major surgeries, death and dismemberment to make one groups (our Hospital) premiums go up so much???
Oh well....much more on this as we go along.
And don't get me wrong folks- I'm sooo thankful for what I am provided in the USA- but it's coming unhinged fast! And even as much as I used to despise Michael Moore- I think I may have to rethink some of my more conservative positions. Actually- I'm a Centrist when it comes to politics.. but I will be taking a look at my views again!!

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