Saturday, July 28, 2007

HE'S ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all, I"M ALIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for your concern, comments, thoughts, JOKES--LMAO, MG- and Prayers!

Scarlet, Hammer, Poopsy, Squeaky, Monkeygirl, Annie and elle-Thank You my Friends!!

I went to work Thursday and still had the chest pain so I had an EKG done. It looked great but with the pain et al......(Note to self Don't ever ever again complain of Chest Pain at an Urgent Care)- LOL-- I was again shipped via Ambulance for a HELLISH stay of 2 1/2 days in my own Hospital! I'll journal it later- it's just too friggin weird and fresh to go over it right now. Nothing bad physically on my part Thank the Lord or I would have died from lack of care. I was virtually invisible and was in the Hospital for 24 hours before I was seen by a physician!

All seems to be OK - but I am going for an Outpatient Diagnostic Heart Cath at Another Hospital- it's our States Leading Heart Center- this coming Tues or Wednesday - scheduled as an OUTPATIENT- and we will keep it that way--YES???--- But- and a BIG BUTT it is- if they have to do any intervention- like a stent, they can handle it while I'm on the table. I feel as if it will be OK, but I'm not going on feelings, nothing more than feelings..falling... sorry! Hmmmm- must be a song in my heart for MG--there's your corniness Ms. Spaghetti person- (Loved the joke!!!!!)

As you can tell I am feeling better. I was started on a fairly new drug called Ranexa- which is a new form of a Vasodialator for Angina- (Chest Pain after heart problems for any non-medicals- but ya'll all know the drill-) and I have been able to breath and have been pain free for the first time since my bypass in 2005. I'm not saying all is over and done with but I'm VERY Optimistic that is really going to help my energy and stamina.

I can't believe I wasn't started on this earlier- but everything in it's time and place! Bottom line is I'm home with NO restrictions- I can return to work Post Cath (If all is clear- the following Monday. I'll catch a nap- eat something- peruse all the sites and catch up- but again- Thank you my Loyal Friends! It's good to be home!!

Love you all,



  1. Now you know what it's like when us regular folk go into the hospital lol

    Glad you are feeling better. We were getting worried.

    Never do that to us again *shakes finger at you*

  2. Gotta keep those new arteries healthy! Keep us posted about how things go at the cath lab.

  3. I promise I won't do it again and I will keep you posted ladies! As he hangs his head in chastisement!! :-)

    Poopsy: Oh, If you mind me calling you Poopsy let me know- cause if you do- you know I'll call you that FOREVER__LOL!!!

    "Now you know what it's like when us regular folk go into the hospital" :

    On a very serious note :

    I do now know, and I am going to take some steps to see if I can have an effect on that. My wife and I are documenting the time line and all that happened so I can present it in a positive light to the Director of all of our Urgent Cares- (Community Medical Centers)- there are 5. And see if she would like to take it to the president and CEO of the Hospital.

    This man is awesome- he makes it a point to come to every single orientation- which is every other week no matter how many were hired and personally welcome and talk to the group! That's class and He cares.

    If I present this correctly we might be able to institute some change in our Helthcare Delivery System that will empower the patient to a far greater degree to be involved (educated) in their own care. The days of blindly trusting "The system" are over.

    This was an eye opening experience from "the other side of the fence" and while I can't say I'm GLAD it happened- I'm glad it happened to me and not someone who had no medical knowledge at all. And if it is happening to others- (which you know it is!!) it must be changed.

    I've NEVER been one to rock the boat or really take an extreme stand on a lot of issues- but this is one I'm not going to let go. I am not talking broad brush strokes for the thousands and hundred of thousands of Dedicated, Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Radiology Techs, Lab, And all ancillary services- but there is a mindset in corporate America that is starting to pervade the Medical Profession at the cost of Money and Ultimately- the Cost of Ethics in the process. It must be stopped. Please read BabsRn's post on this on Just Peachy.

    Thanks for letting me vent-- I'm not sure how much I'll post since I'm really going to present this to the higher ups and because of my online profile etc. it is no secret where I am and what Hospital System is involved. So until all the facts are in and the dust settles I'll probably say no more.

    I promise I'll let you know about the cath and I won't do it again. Finger shaking accepted- as long as it's the pointy finger and not the middle one!

    Thanks again,


  4. Next time you go in, can you at least clone yourself so we can get updates?? I wasn't worried, I knew you'd be OK (prayer and good wishes really work!!), but I missed your posts. :) Welcome home.

  5. Thanks Ms. Scarlet- I'll try not to leave ya hanging next time. I'll pre-post LOL

    Big Hugs ((((()))))) Thanks!!


  6. Yeah I was talking about the pointy finger and not the middle one. Maybe I should have specified.

    Poopsy doesn't bother me. I have been called way worse.

    I think you should see what you can do about it. Some hospitals are unreal and it's like it just busts someones ass to actually do their job and come into your room. When Wes was in the hospital it took us ALL day to see the Dr when he was supposed to leave at 6am. I finally told the nurse we were leaving whether he showed or not and amazingly he appeared. I told him I didn't appreciate him milking our insurance. And he got that look of "whatever do you mean". That bill by the way was 17,000 for an overnight stay to our insurance company. If he would have shown up on time we could have saved a good 6Gs.

    Let us know how it all pans out in the end. I am curious to see if will do any good. It might since you actually work there.

    Who knows John you may start a Revolution!

  7. Poopsy,

    I will- I do plan to carry this as far as needed. It's just that type of thing that I'm referring to- that extra stay and charge you received. I know it's not ALWAYS the case--but I have to wonder how many times it just may be. But you know--for good folks like You, Wes , Me and my wife who work- don't sponge off the system- that 6k or 10k or whatever would be mighty helpful in the pocket instead of paying 25 bucks a month to 9 different providers.

    I'm thankful they are there-but I pay 278.00 employee discount for Insurance every two weeks. We have no children so we don't qualify for family coverage. That may not sound like a lot per month but the same coverage last year- SAME PRICE in our group went from 250.00 deductible- Max 1500.00 out of pocket max total- for medical and Rx's- then covered at 90%.

    Now it is 1000.00 Deductible per person--yep 2K and 2500.00 out of pocket max instead of 1500.00 and pays at 80%. Did the whole friggin group have major surgeries, death and dismemberment to make one groups (our Hospital) premiums go up so much???

    Oh well....much more on this as we go along.


    And don't get me wrong folks- I'm sooo thankful for what I am provided in the USA- but it's coming unhinged fast! And even as much as I used to despise Michael Moore- I think I may have to rethink some of my more conservative positions. Actually- I'm a Centrist when it comes to politics.. but I will be taking a look at my views again!!

  8. Glad you are home, John.

    Hospitals suck, but morgues are worse :)

  9. Annie- you my dear are the lone voice of reason in an effed up world-LOL



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