Monday, July 30, 2007


OK- I am still feeling a little tired and winded but my overall status is OK. I'm going to our Big Butt Heart Hospital for a Diagnostic Heart Cath on Wed Aug 1st at 7:00. I will make it to my birthday and beyond on the 10th!!! I have a lot of new Political Aspirations since my recent Hospital debacle.

So, While I'm not scared- I am a little concerned- only normal for any invasive test where they run a friggin coat hanger up your groin to your HEART- but hey, other than that- No Problemo!

With my bypass it all happened so fast I never had a chance to get scared at all. Chest pain Monday- Cath and Open Heart Surgery Tuesday- Home Saturday- Sweet!
This time should be in and out and home the same day I go in- or at the most an ovenight stay if they have to do a stent or any type of intervention. There will be No Open Heart Surgery- do you hear me- NONE!

I usually have a very good idea, gut feeling, knowing, Discernment about what might or might not happen--but not so in this case. I'm not upset- it's just another part of Spiritual growth. If you knew everything you would never have to truly Trust in God and excercise and build your Faith. Some may say- "Why me' Lord?" I say, "Why not me?" I don't want it to happen and would just as soon be home talking with you guys Wednesday, which I may be by Wed Night- but I've pretty much started to learn to Let life flow by- Handle what you can- change what you can that you don't like- Don't worry- (waste of time)- what will be will be, and Trust and Believe that the God I serve will use this for the greater good. Blind Faith- Yes! Rational- NO! Works for me- Absolutely!

Don't freak if I don't post Wed or Thursday. Again- all Prayers are welcome- and any good thoughts, wishes, karma, juju--no cancel the juju! Welcomed!

Squeaky- if anything happens where I am out for more than a few days- Please feed the Spider!!!!! LMAO- LOved you response! Poopsy- keep your shoes on!

PS: Somebody buy and send poor Hammer a eMachine until he gets his built!!! G'luck buddy!

Chat with ya soon guys and gals- and Much Love from Sunny Hot South Carolina.


  1. Hope all goes well and I hope they don't miss trying to jab that thing in your groin. That could be

  2. I'm sure the spider can take care of itself. *shudder* Any small children that wander into the yard will be more than enough nourishment while you're away.

    Blind Faith- Yes! Rational- NO! Works for me- Absolutely! That freakin' cracked me up.

    You probably won't feel like blogging when you get home, if you do in fact come home on Wednesday night. You'll be sleeping. Heh.

    Good luck with stuff! That whole heart-catheter thing squicks me out more than the spider. I'd make them knock me out for the procedure. :-P

  3. My thoughts go with you.

    And no soccer practice after the cath.. I heard that's bad :)

  4. Prayers sent.
    Mostly to get that spider the heck off of your porch so the sight of him doesn't give you an anxiety attack -- 'cause you know what ? you're gonna be fine after the cath procedure...
    *cyber hugs*
    Loving Annie

  5. Thanks Guys!!!!

    Soccer practice---he he! You are a nutcase!! Love it!

    Thanks Annie- I do know I'll be fine-
    PS: Spider is NOT- repeat NOT in the same place--I do Not SEE HIM...

    Creeping Back inside,


  6. Squeaky-

    Thanks a Lot-- I think the knock me out sounds good- A little Versed and a side of Valium this time please!


    You have such a comforting way with words--"I hope they don't MISS trying to JAB that thing in your groin......whew- I feel the comfort and love... Peaceful thoughts- Quiet place... OMG a Coat Hanger..nooooooooooooooooo

    LOL- Thanks

  7. Somehow my LASIK tomorrow no longer seems like such a big deal...

    OK, I'm lying. I'm still freaking out. But I'll spare you a thought in between freak out sessions.

    Good luck.

  8. OMG---Way cool- SEE You Later Oh my God how corny is that for my MonkeyGirl!!!!!

    I see....
    You are an apt Pupil
    Blink whatever the Bands number is- 182?
    Take the STARES!!! Hey I like that one.
    You can go to LOOKOUT Mtn Georgia!
    I know these are Cornea but what did you expect!

    I pray all goes well MG- I know that must be a terrible thing not to be able to see well. I have excellent distant and need only OTC reading glasses so I'm very blessed. My wife is blind as a bat and It's very hard on her.

    Hanging upside down in the kitchen all the time.

    Sorry ahhhm.....

    I know it's scary and I honestly I think I'd rather have the Cath than the Lasik- but they are soooo good with that now. You just never ever hear of anything going wrong!!

    Please let me know how it goes and take a picture with your Terminator Glasses on with your New CANNON- (He types jealously)


    Best Wishes MG and do let me know how it turns out.


  9. I will pray for you AGAIN because I believe God answers the prayers of those who pester Him. So don't worry, you're good.

    By the way, I won't freak this time if you don't post for a couple of days. I'll be out of town anyway (Aug 2-7), but if upon my return, you still haven't posted, I'll assume you were devoured by a giant arachnid and I will totally freak!

  10. You are the corniest man I have never met. Thanks for making me laugh.

    Does your wife really hang upside down in the kitchen? ;-)

  11. :-)

    MG & Scarlet

    And Amen Scarlet- Thx!

  12. I was just concerned for your man berries that's all. :)

    Seriously Hope all goes well. Let us know you are ok.

  13. Man thinks I have man berries after being MARRIED for 25 freakin years-LOL

    Thanks Poopsy!! I know your Big Heart!!!

    Thanks and I'll chat with yas Wed or Thursday!



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