Thursday, April 19, 2007


My beautiful wife is sick in bed with a terrible sinus infection. They cats must've given it to her. She is still ABLE TO TALK! Why oh why Lord couldn't it have been STREP THROAT!! Just kidding--. We are still seeing Positive Strep, and occasional "FLU" (this late in the year and a terrible vomiting and diarrhea thing that is running "Pun intended" wild through our community. I work in an Urgent Care).

Our legislature just passed a law (well it actually just passed the House) and will be sent to the Senate floor- stating that it is not illegal for Abortion cl incs to REQUIRE the woman to look at her Ultrasound before the abortion. Ultrasounds are required to determine the gestational age (how far along she is)-- Ultrasounds have always been required but the patient always had the right to say no to seeing the Ultrasound. This on the heels of the Supreme court deciding 5-4 in a heated debate to STOP- certain phases of Partial Birth Abortion- this is the one where the (fetus-child) is delivered and the skull had to be crushed- I apologize for not knowing how many weeks along that is.

Are we getting soft in the Supreme Court and in our Country. Remember George W. is a man of faith and prayer, and his replacement of Sandra Day O'conor with a conservative New Justice caused this vote to finally swing. Are we on the way to reversing Roe v. Wade? Dang- I've always wanted to type that in a sentence! God forbid that we should turn back to GOD! Or in GOD we trust, or Thank God it wasn't cancer, or pay Insurance claims because it was an ACT OF GOD! Or allow GOD to damn it! (I NEVER EVER USE THAT TERMINOLOGY-no I'm not perfect but you do have to draw a line in the sand somewhere!)

If you are old enough to get pregnant you are old enough to raise a child. ANY CHILD be it a Downs syndrome baby or healthy twins! Special cases will always exist: IE. Rape and special circumstances. But to get pregnant without using protection 3-4-5 times and use Abortion for birth control- I think not! You will get paid for having a baby and paid well. Some people have babies for a living. Heck the more they have the more they make on Medicaid and Food Stamps and Wic-and lick and all the other programs developed to keep people from wanting or NEEDING to go back to work! I love our country- but from the Medical side of the system it is totally fractured and in Intensive Care.

We have beautiful 70, 80, 90 year old people with minds full of stories and memories and knowledge that a have a very deep FAITH that have to decide between electricity and medicines each month because of greedy Companies, Insurance, Oil, Pharmaceutical etc. The same drug over each border-Canada and the United States of MEXICO-- (ahem- something in my throat)...OK OK OK.

I rambled- I chased rabbits- I opened several cans of worms-- but did I say anything?
Where do I stand on the issues? CAREFUL-- I "CLAIM" to be a Christian. Indeed I am: but some of you may find a much more tolerant and lenient Southern Bible Belt Teacher in moi. Because having been forgiven much I must forgive a lot in return. Not MUST but I do. God's grace is for everyone. Especially the young mother who in a "Momentary Lapse of Reason" gave in to societal and peer pressure and got pregnant. Should she be allowed an abortion?

Churches say no. I say Who am I to judge? Is not taking a stance taking a stance? Yes. Its saying most of us are to apathetic and lazy to think things through before we open our yaps! And we DON'T VOTE and then Bitch and Moan.

Tired and wife calling..will finish up over next several years!

Love to you all,
God bless- and this I mean!!


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