Monday, April 16, 2007


Taking the "Boys" to be TUTORED today. Actually neutered. They have been spraying in the house. Not cool -but worth the wait since we never thought we would have inside cats again since our Lab--Hope was so possessive. These two guys just announced one day they wanted in-- we opened the door- they beat Hopes' butt and they haven't been back out since!

Awesome - thank You God. Think you should thank God for allowing a dog that has actually killed a kitten several years ago-(one accidentally wandered through the chain link fence and into Hope's mouth)? Does the creator of the Universe involve Himself in such mundane details. I say yes! No detail is too small for the God that designed an antelope like animal to be able to swim with excellence because their winter coats have hollow hair shafts and helps them float. Talk about detail! It's been often said that "God is in the detail."

I believe He is as intimately involved in every aspect of our lives only as much as we allow Him to be. I consciously and daily ask Him to be the LORD of my life down to the smallest detail. I believe He goes before you in traffic, to work, in relationships as long as you allow Him and ask Him to do so. I don't believe He will ever impose His will on on you- we are FREE WILL agents and need to purposely choose to Love Him, Accept Him, Worship Him etc.

To choose requires action on our part. I just finished a book by Beth Moore entitled Believing God- (an awesome read by the way), and she talks about active participating Faith. There is so much about our walk through life that we can control, that we don't think we have any control over! Try it and see if activating God by asking Him to join you in everyday tasks and see if you don't start experiencing a whole and totally new dynamic in your daily life. What form will it take?
I have no idea. I don't know how much you believe, IF you believe etc. I do know that it worked for me personally, so if you want to be adventurous- try it!

God is so real to me and I just can't stop praising Him and thanking Him for the smallest of things in life, from finding a parking space: to the biggest things- Opening and closing doors for Nursing School like I mentioned in the previous post. I'd love to hear of anyone else's experiences of allowing God to lead in life. We can all learn from each other.



  1. since our family is owned by a black lab and two cats I clearly understood this post

  2. Awesome Pirate-thank you so much for the response. Do you have any friends or family that are not pet Lovres? The only reason I ask is some of mine have no understanding about the dynamics pets (FAMILY) bring to your life! I know and can tell you understand and I just can't quite understand how people can not, NOT like pets. Not judging them you understand--I just can't wrap my mind around it. How do your cats and lab relate and act? Our family is so new I'd be interested to hear about yous. I'll check out your post if you'll send me the address!!

    Thanks man,


  3. Pirate- never mind about the address- I remembered to click on your name and it took me to you site! Thanks man! Keep up the awesome posts!!



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