Monday, April 30, 2007


Last Tuesday, as President Bush got off Helicopter One in front of the White House, he was carrying a baby pig under each arm.
The "squared away" Marine guard snaps to attention, salutes his Commander in Chief, and says, "Nice pigs sir!"
The President replied, "There are not pigs, they are authentic Arkansas Razorbacks hogs. I got one for Senator Hillary Clinton and one for Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi."
The "squared away" Marine snaps to attention, salutes and replied,"Excellent trade, sir!!!"


While there is nothing inherently righteous about the "old ways", we're finding that there are blessings involved in getting back to simpler times.......for His glory.

THE OLD PATHSI liked the old paths, when Moms were at home. Dads were at work. Brothers went into the army. And sisters got married BEFORE having children!

Crime did not pay;Hard work did; And people knew the difference.

Moms could cook;Dads would work;Children would behave..

Husbands were loving;Wives were supportive; And children were polite.

Women wore the jewelry; And Men wore the pants. Women looked like ladies; Men looked like gentlemen; And children looked decent.

People loved the truth, And hated a lie; They came to church to get IN, Not to get OUT!

Hymns sounded Godly; Sermons sounded helpful; Rejoicing sounded normal; And crying sounded sincere.

Cursing was wicked; Drinking was evil; and divorce was unthinkable.

The flag was honored; America was beautiful; And God was welcome!

We read the Bible in public; Prayed in school; And preached from house to house To be called an American was worth dying for; To be called a Christian was worth living for; To be called a traitor was a shame!

Sex was a personal word. Homosexual was an unheard of word, And abortion was an illegal word.

Preachers preached because they had a message; And Christians rejoiced because they had the VICTORY! Preachers preached from the Bible; Singers sang from the heart; And sinners turned to the Lord to be SAVED!

A new birth meant a new life; Salvation meant a changed life; Following Christ led to eternal life.

Being a preacher meant you proclaimed the word of God; Being a deacon meant you would serve the Lord; Being a Christian meant you would live for Jesus; And being a sinner meant someone was praying for you!

Laws were based on the Bible; Homes read the Bible; And churches taught the Bible.

Preachers were more interested in new converts, Than new clothes and new cars. God was worshiped; Christ was exalted; and the Holy Spirit was respected.

Church was where you found Christians on the Lord's day, rather than in the garden, on the creek bank, on the golf course, or being entertained somewhere else.

I still like the old paths the best!


  1. I love the pig joke.

    And the old ways in the old days we had much fewer problems with crime, drugs and overall antisocial behavior,

  2. While I wouldn't want to trade the medical advancements and the modern conveniences (distractions?), look at all we've lost. It *does* make one yearn for the good old days.

  3. Hiya elle and hammer,

    Hope all is going well. Hammer I absolutely Loved the joke as well!

    The good ol days- and days gone by and simpler times etc all came with a cost- modern convieniences and technology haven't allowed us to slow down much- I find myself tapping my foot impatirntly while WAITING ON A MICROWACE!!!!! HELLOOOOO!!!!. elle- Excellent point about the Technological Advances medical wise- Sometimes I think our Technology outran our Morality and we don't quite know what to do with living longer etc. And while we can't legislate morality I like Hammer so love the PACE and the FREEDOM or "Feeling" of freedom we had and the Innocence we had as Children.

    I think the Gospel is not as readily acceptable and Understood or followed is sometimes because it is simply "Too SIMPLE!!!! We just can't believe it is that easy! There must be a catch.

    Oh if we could only be like Children again and not RUN to get out of the rain!! Remember when we just stood with our mouths opened and REVELLED in it? What as adults are we going to melt??? LOL

    Have a great week u 2!!



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