Friday, April 27, 2007


WOW! Would you look at that post below. Except for a couple of lines about God, it might as well have read- ME ME ME< ME ME blah blah blah ME ME ME ME Oh Jesus Yes! ME ME ME ME ME!!!!! BLESS ME! ANSWER ME< HELP AND KEEP ME!!!ME ME ME ME ME!!!!

I know enough by now to know it's not about ME. It's about everyone. I know that by now in my walk with the Lord I should not have to pray- "THY WILL BE DONE." I should know by now what God's will is in most situations- because His will is His Word and I should know His Word well enough by now to be able to walk: and keep walking as long as I see the lighted path. And when the path gets dark I should immediately STOP and await instructions. Or look right, left, or behind until I see the Light again. Which is the right path- or Righteousness. And that by God as well. He made me righteous- having a "Right Standing" in Him through the Blood of His SON---- THE WORD made Flesh- JESUS CHRIST.

Walk in the Light while the Light is still with us! He will lead you -- and not astray! His will is wide- Permissive and Perfect- but stray too far and darkness comes. When??? Only you will know- by listening- ACTIVELY LISTENING to that still small voice deep inside you!--you conscience- your gut- your hunch- your karma- your, "I just knew that was the right (or wrong) thing to do." Everything but Luck, Chance. You make your own Luck and Nothing is by Chance! Hard to believe. Not really. A Flower, a Cat, a New Born Baby-- those are hard to believe-- especially that they happened by LUCK---- or CHANCE!!!

Think about it- look for yourself- start with the Bible in the New Testament and use Science if you want and Disprove God. Careful though- many, MANY who have tried it before have come to believe in God, the Creator God, the SAVIOUR GOD!

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