Saturday, April 14, 2007


I have been trying to get into Nursing School for around three years now. I had a brief interruption when I had a triple bypass in April 2005. All went extremely well but now I can't seem to get back in school. I have finished all my prerequisites and am only waiting to start my Clinicals. I prayed and prayed and asked God for direction. Oh- LORD- open doors, close doors -, your will be done! Phooey! I want in school : period!!!!

I just received an answer from the latest one I applied to. NO! No financial aid available- and we won't know about Lottery Assistance until the Legislature meets in June. The school I have been attending has me a start date for 2010!!! Oh, and they said I would probably have to retake my Biology's- 210 and 211 (which are extremely hard) because it will have been greater than 5 YEARS since I took them!!!! AT THIS SCHOOL! And they are expensive!!

Oh, yeah--I changed my work schedule to work 12 hours EVERY weekend to go to clinicals and now I'm working every weekend for probably 3-4 years! LOL!! I so silly.

Well, I do believe in an ultimate perfect plan from God, so I must take it on Faith that the right thing has happened. All I can do is walk through all the open doors- (doing my part- ACTIVE FAITH- and rattling the handles of the closed ones- Trusting in God FAITH). But it is so hard to wait and be patient when you feel you have done everything possible and the doors keep getting slammed in your face. It will be interesting to look back and see how all of this plays out. At least I feel better having written it out.

God Bless you All,


PS: I know that not one single person will ever read this but me- but that's OK- it's for me anyway, and since I've journaled for 15-17 years in spiral notebooks- this is just a new format for doing a daily, weekly journal of stuff.

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