Monday, April 16, 2007


I had just written about God being in the Details and small things of life. We were taking the Cats to get them neutered and before leaving we prayed that all would go well with the surgery etc. God answered. I thought we would just drop them off and leave. We waited for almost an hour and they wanted to weigh them and take their temperatures. I don't know how many of you have put two grown male cats into a Cat tote- but it's like Peeing up a Rope whilst dodging razor blades! Not something you just wake up on a Saturday morning and say with a stretch---- "I think I'll shed some blood today and put the cats in a tote!"

Well- they weighed the cats (which they had done a week ago when they got their shots (at the first Bloodletting tote capade) and Faith's temp was 105.0 degrees. By human and Cat standards this is a very high temp. Almost seizure time; and we did not even know Faith had not been feeling well. They are new to inside and this hit him so fast we had no clue.

I believe if we had just dropped them off and they had put them in a cage overnight- that they wouldn't have found out about the fever until surgery time tomorrow! It may have made a world of difference since the Vet said we had caught it before dehydration set in - so we were able to take them home and give them oral antibiotics (BLOODLETTING BIG TIME) twice a day and reschedule the surgery (Future Bloodletting Event)!!. We could have griped and moaned about the inconvenience and the cost and hassle of rescheduling an extra trip.. yada yada- (I promise I will never use that again but I've always wanted to type it)...but I believe God became involved when we prayed and a process that the Vet had in place worked to possibly save our cats life- or at least keep the cost down to 32.00!!!!

32.oo dollars--can you believe that! Anti-fever medicine- One dose-
Antibiotics for 2 cats
A Vet exam for 2 cats
Peace of mind that they will be OK- $32.00


Try letting God get involved in your life and go --FULL-ON-FORWARD!!!!!!


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