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I have journaled off and on for about 17 years- a lot of them daily. It has been a Spiritual journey using My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. I am Going to go back through my journey and stay true to what Full-On was when I first posted back in 2005. I must stay true to what God called me to do- which is to teach. I teach by Examples- Experientialy. Totally by precept and example- which makes some posts really easy and fun-and some so hard it's difficult for me to write them down.

All of the good lessons from life and God I learned in the Dessert. The Hot wilderness where Paul went before He even started preaching. He spent three years there before he almost single handedly wrote the New Testament (a little stretch) and it was where Jesus went for 40 days prior to starting His earthly ministry as Fully Man and being tempted by Satan.

So needless to say when I came across some topics I had no desire to experience what I need to to learn the lesson. I have taught for 17-18 years. Adult Sunday School and Small groups. I have led leaders seminars in Spiritual Gifts and even have been blessed to have preached 2-3 times as a lay pastor and have taken formal classes in basic Ministry, Experiencing God, Love is A Choice, Blah blah blah blah blah.

All of that not to let you think I'm great or in any way knowledgeable about God. I realize after all that time that I still know NOTHING!~ This is not false humility because God called me to Himself and Gifted me to teach. I am just that slow when it comes to learning Spiritual Truths. I'm talking about LEARNING them to the point that they become part of you and your lifestyle- Not just head knowledge.

If I post anything that blesses you or helps you- esp. if it helps you avoid a pitfall- I am truly Blessed. I pray I do nothing to cause you to stumble as I take teaching Very Very seriously and realize the consequences of teaching in error.If you see me err- (Should anyone ever read this) call me on it because I need to be held accountable to what I say.

I will disappoint many of you (or both of you- :-) ) but it will be honest and truthful as I have learned that my Lord does hate hypocrisy. Which is wearing the false face. It is so easy to hide behind this screen and I challenge everyone who ever reads one word of this to prove and test the teachings for yourself only using The Word of God as your filter. Do not take at face value what I say if it goes contrary to what you have been taught or to the Word of God!

I truly want to share this and Magnify and Glorify my Lord. I will sound very conceited at times because some of the lessons were so tough I have know way to write them truthfully without it sounding like I may be puffed up or patting myself on the back. I hereby state that anything positive or noteworthy is Only to Glorify and draw you closer to one person.

That Person is the Saviour of the World- the Son Of God- Jesus Christ. I believe He is the Son of God- born of a virgin, sent to earth as fully man and fully God. I believe He died a physical death on the Cross and bore each and every sin committed past, present and future on Him that dark day. I believe He was buried and on the Third day He rose defeating death and gave all of us the chance for eternal life. I believe He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and that there is no other name on Heaven or Earth by which we must be saved. I believe the Word of God the Holy Bible is inerrant, and inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is the only book and indeed is the Living Word- Jesus Himself as revealed by the Holy Spirit who is in Spiritual Control of believers on Earth. I believe in a physical Heaven and Hell and that if you do not choose Jesus as your Lord and Saviour- repent and FOLLOW HIM- & Make Him Your Lord: that the consequence will be eternal separation from God. I believe the opposite is true if you do accept Him in that He will change you physically, mentally and Spiritually ( nowon Earth) as soon as you accept Him, and you will be a new Creature- Old things will have passed away and all things will be come new. He bought us with His Blood- He redeemed us- paid a ransom for us- with His blood. We are Blood bought and Holy Spirit sealed and He is faithful to the end and will never leave us or forsake us!
There is more more more but this is what I believe personally because of My PERSONAL experience and a change in my life. I have no other proof than that nor do I need any. God Himself will confirm in you if what I am saying is the truth or not. It is totally up to Him and the Holy Spirit to do the work in you and your heart. I am merely planting a seed and watering it occasionally. God will determine when and if you get Harvested and by whom. If the truth sets you free here- GLORY TO GOD! If it takes a while and someone else is able to reach you more effectively- GLORY TO GOD! all that matters is that you hear the truth and decide if you think it's worth following or believing.

I'm leaving everything up to God. If there is never a post on this Blog it doesn't matter- I'm not doing it for me- I'm just being obedient to what I believe God will have me do. If you have even come close to reading this far- something other than my clumsy style has kept you. I teach greatly with Word and in Person because God enables me to do that! He does it through me. HE Gifted me to teach that way- Writing is a different matter. I'll have to totally rely on Him to draw people here. It will get better and shorter and more concise as I go along.

Join me and your life won't ever be the same that I know. Because there is only one way to go with God and that is--

you guessed it


John W. McElveen
April 20, 2007 Starting at 1:00 am Friday morning.

A great link will be the Bible Link on my side bar. You can look-up scripture-search anything you like with this awesome site. There are about every translation know to man in every language!!! I am going to try to learn how to post directly to the Scripture on that site and enable us link to and to do searches as well. It will take me little time to learn how to do that and if anyone has any suggestions to make it less time consuming please please please let me know.

This is OUR journey. Together. Join Me?

OK- I have a link on the right side for BIBLE GATEWAY.COM- I have some code that will allow you to search from this site but it takes you to the site and you have to navigate by back-arrow back here. So it's just as easy to go to the site and open it in a new window and tab back and for!!


  1. Hi John, thanks for stopping by my blog. I've read yours in its entirety and enjoyed it - particularly the parallel universe post to which you pointed me.

    I hope your wife is feeling better. Ditto the cats (my 17 yr old cat died last week). I'm sure God will reveal His plan re: nursing school. Perhaps "no" is merely "not yet"?

    Like you, my Dear Hubby had triple bypass surgery (in 2004 when he was 36). He too is doing well.

    Finally, you have posted links to two of my favorite websites: Bible Gateway and Weather Underground. (I live in a hurricane-prone area so let's hope I use the former frequently and not need the latter at all, shall we?)

    Very nice blog.

  2. Having the right pilot as you do makes the flight so much better regardless how the trip goes.

    I'm glad to hear that Jesus is the way in your heart.

  3. elle and Pirate,

    Thanks you two for giving me a much needed boost right now. Sometimes it gets a little discouraging and then God points you in a new direction.

    elle- your comments were so kind- God really dialed us in didn't He? Hope your hubby comtinues to do well. And I truly feel your pain about your Cat. e were down to ZERO after having 9 inside at one time when these two clowns decided to come in!
    We will keep up with the weather!!!

    Pirate- Thanks man-- just thanks!!!


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