Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hi all,

I haven't been feeling well over the last couple of days. Not sure what the problem is but after my Bypass 2 years ago I'm a little concerned about my Cardiac Symptoms- a little bit of Chest Pain, but more of a Shortness of breath or Air Hunger- like I can't get my lungs full, a little nausea, and absolutely NO energy whatsover.

I went to Health Dept. yesterday and picked up the meds I have to take due to my Tuberculosis exposure and positive PPD at work. So I start the pills today for 6 months. I'm not infectious and chest x-ray is perfectly normal- so this is just routine prophylaxis. And I haven't worn a condom well--Ever LOL!

I'm going to get checked at work tomorrow and see if I need to go back to my Cardiologist.
I'm not really scared but I am a little concerned. You know a Little Knowledge can be a bad thing sometimes. I don't want to go because I'm a little fearful this time around about what they may find- yet I have to go because the alternative is Permanent!


For those of you who pray- in whatever manner- I would appreciate them very much.

I'll keep ya posted,

Poopy in SC,