Saturday, July 28, 2007

HE'S ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all, I"M ALIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for your concern, comments, thoughts, JOKES--LMAO, MG- and Prayers!

Scarlet, Hammer, Poopsy, Squeaky, Monkeygirl, Annie and elle-Thank You my Friends!!

I went to work Thursday and still had the chest pain so I had an EKG done. It looked great but with the pain et al......(Note to self Don't ever ever again complain of Chest Pain at an Urgent Care)- LOL-- I was again shipped via Ambulance for a HELLISH stay of 2 1/2 days in my own Hospital! I'll journal it later- it's just too friggin weird and fresh to go over it right now. Nothing bad physically on my part Thank the Lord or I would have died from lack of care. I was virtually invisible and was in the Hospital for 24 hours before I was seen by a physician!

All seems to be OK - but I am going for an Outpatient Diagnostic Heart Cath at Another Hospital- it's our States Leading Heart Center- this coming Tues or Wednesday - scheduled as an OUTPATIENT- and we will keep it that way--YES???--- But- and a BIG BUTT it is- if they have to do any intervention- like a stent, they can handle it while I'm on the table. I feel as if it will be OK, but I'm not going on feelings, nothing more than feelings..falling... sorry! Hmmmm- must be a song in my heart for MG--there's your corniness Ms. Spaghetti person- (Loved the joke!!!!!)

As you can tell I am feeling better. I was started on a fairly new drug called Ranexa- which is a new form of a Vasodialator for Angina- (Chest Pain after heart problems for any non-medicals- but ya'll all know the drill-) and I have been able to breath and have been pain free for the first time since my bypass in 2005. I'm not saying all is over and done with but I'm VERY Optimistic that is really going to help my energy and stamina.

I can't believe I wasn't started on this earlier- but everything in it's time and place! Bottom line is I'm home with NO restrictions- I can return to work Post Cath (If all is clear- the following Monday. I'll catch a nap- eat something- peruse all the sites and catch up- but again- Thank you my Loyal Friends! It's good to be home!!

Love you all,