Monday, July 30, 2007


OK- I am still feeling a little tired and winded but my overall status is OK. I'm going to our Big Butt Heart Hospital for a Diagnostic Heart Cath on Wed Aug 1st at 7:00. I will make it to my birthday and beyond on the 10th!!! I have a lot of new Political Aspirations since my recent Hospital debacle.

So, While I'm not scared- I am a little concerned- only normal for any invasive test where they run a friggin coat hanger up your groin to your HEART- but hey, other than that- No Problemo!

With my bypass it all happened so fast I never had a chance to get scared at all. Chest pain Monday- Cath and Open Heart Surgery Tuesday- Home Saturday- Sweet!
This time should be in and out and home the same day I go in- or at the most an ovenight stay if they have to do a stent or any type of intervention. There will be No Open Heart Surgery- do you hear me- NONE!

I usually have a very good idea, gut feeling, knowing, Discernment about what might or might not happen--but not so in this case. I'm not upset- it's just another part of Spiritual growth. If you knew everything you would never have to truly Trust in God and excercise and build your Faith. Some may say- "Why me' Lord?" I say, "Why not me?" I don't want it to happen and would just as soon be home talking with you guys Wednesday, which I may be by Wed Night- but I've pretty much started to learn to Let life flow by- Handle what you can- change what you can that you don't like- Don't worry- (waste of time)- what will be will be, and Trust and Believe that the God I serve will use this for the greater good. Blind Faith- Yes! Rational- NO! Works for me- Absolutely!

Don't freak if I don't post Wed or Thursday. Again- all Prayers are welcome- and any good thoughts, wishes, karma, juju--no cancel the juju! Welcomed!

Squeaky- if anything happens where I am out for more than a few days- Please feed the Spider!!!!! LMAO- LOved you response! Poopsy- keep your shoes on!

PS: Somebody buy and send poor Hammer a eMachine until he gets his built!!! G'luck buddy!

Chat with ya soon guys and gals- and Much Love from Sunny Hot South Carolina.