Friday, January 14, 2011




Went House Hunting today and had a Blast!

As you drive down a street, their are Houses on the left and the right!! I didn't know it would be so easy. And we found out that usually the houses on the right are even numbered, and the left-Odd. Odd- don't you think.

We also learned that only SOME are for sale, and this turned out to be important. When we first started we just walked up to several we liked, knocked and asked if we could see their house. It turns out people don't generally like that; especially if it's not FOR SALE!!

So color me stupid and chalk that one up to experience! 
Ha Ha Ha!! 

Also, the Governors Mansion proved to be a little "OFF LIMITS" to the general public as a rule! Hey--we just wanted to see what we COULD NOT afford, as a comparison. I mean--you can look at expensive jewelery and not intend to buy it! Sheesh. And she was just sworn in Yesterday. I don't know about SWEARING IN A GOVERNOR-or any elected official for that matter.

I mean: why use bad language! "Do you-Dammit, solemnly friggin Swear, to Uphold the Damn Office????"
"Hell, Yes!" etc.

There just is no place for that!

Anyway--we are going back out again tomorrow- armed with a FOR SALE MAP, thus saving a LOT of time and Gas Money! I mean we could almost have put a down payment on the sucker just in Gas Money!

Well--gotta go get a good nights sleep as I want to be sharp negotiating with these people called Realtors. Should call them Un-Real-tors with the prices they are asking for some of these places. I think I must have added two extra zeros or forgot a decimal point when i typed in 100,000.00- 150,000.00!

Turns out that SMALL MISTAKE makes a BIG difference in the houses you can look at! And I get to meet a Guy with the Money- named Earnest--and there is something to do with a funny shaped Bird--called an S- Crow!

OK--I'll report back later! Wish us well!



  1. Sounds great! I envy you and I don't. Because buying the house is only the beginning. Then you have to pack up and move in or, if you're lucky, you get time prior to the move to do a little painting etc. And then the money pit renos start.

  2. I wish you luck in your house hunting. Now I have learned alot from what you have just written and will use your helpful tips in my search, but when I do hunt for a house, I supposed to bring a gun?

  3. We looked at too many places to recall before we got the one we are in now. I always enjoyed walking into somebody elses house when they weren't there! It kind of felt like I was doing something wrong... Good Luck!

  4. A realtor can send you automatic updates on houses in your general specifications and area right to your email. Here it's called listing book messenger.

    Course you live in demint land and are kind of not right in the head yourself but see John there is this thing called the internet and you can use it for a lot of different things. Like house hunting and narrowing down the possibilities just be reading tax info & home description.

    A good agent will get that s crow thing paid for by the seller.

  5. House hunting--I was almost expecting you to have a shotgun and move up the street firing away, wondering what the daily limit is.

  6. Jeannie--- I am looking forward and dreading this as it changes from moment to moment! I keep seeing that Tom Hanks movie!

    We built our first house- so we "Kinda Know" what we want. It's finding "Everything" in one package.


    Pat- It does seem kinda like your snooping doesn't it. Plus we have picked up some good Silver Services, Jewelry...whoops. This was before we knew the house had to be for sale! LOL

    Thanks Buddy!


    Mark--using that now. It really saves a lot of leg work with the Virtual Tours too. One Realtor was sending us 1 million dollar homes on Lake Murray! LOL! Can you say SPAM!! We did not contact this one,--I guess once you start the Paperwork, these guys and gals -instantly get your nane!!

    I'm not signing with one--until I'm ready to do the Deed! ar ar

    I'm going to use my Shotgun as you have to get up close and personal with these houses!



    Middle--- LMBO!!! I totally missed the Hunting part! Great job, and thanks for the support!


    RK- Thanks-- I guess we'll have to see if the Cats like it first!


    sage-- Bro--that is just in Northern Fl!!!! And the License is so danged expensive!

    Have you ever field dressed a House??


  7. How Exciting, John!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  8. Cloudia- We are pretty excited and a little bit overwhelmed, with so many houses on the market!




  9. Very funny! Yes, if someone knocked on my door to see my house and it wasn't for sale I might be a little scared. I guess especially since I live in an apartment! LOL! Good luck with the house hunting!

  10. House-hunting sounds exciting! One day I'll try it...

  11. Climb- and Jen--It's overrated--the people can be so ruse--I mean--I thought suppertime was when you WANTED guests in your home!

    Oh well! Live and learn!



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