Wednesday, June 16, 2010


 The Sky When We Arrived at The Landing

I left my house driving with anticipation to Bob’s for the fishing trip. I was driving 26 miles to his house, and the landing we were going to launch the boat at, was 10 miles from my house the opposite direction! Go Figure.  But that is part and parcel of the trip; helping load, unload etc. It was supposed to be 100 with a heat index of 110 and we planned to hit the lake around 6:00 pm, and fish until tired.
The Thunderstorm was powerful. I jumped inside the vehicle as the jagged lightning bolt struck what felt like was yards away. The thunder rattled and rumbled for 20-30 seconds after our vision cleared from the flash. It was that big of a bolt, followed by 30 or 40 more in the same area. With this much danger all around us we did what any sane people would do. We pulled into a GAS station and filled up the boat in the middle of Zeus lobbing a million volts at us. I never said we were the brightest bulbs.
 Bob and Boat at Landing: already Clearing!

Our destination was almost 30 plus miles away and I was confident this particular storm would float East as they always do. This is when we pulled onto the Interstate and saw nothing but brake lights in the 5:30 traffic going 40 mph! Smart John! We cleared Malfunction Junction, which=h was the hold-up, squinting to see the road between hard and fast wipes on the windshield. It was an almost pull over and wait rain! Bob asked the obvious question, and I answered, “We’ll never know unless we try!”
 Breakthrough and GO for Launch! on Lake Murray!
We proceeded to bypass my little town of Lexington in which 20,000 vehicles are funneled into two lanes and a zillion red lights. BRILLIANT.  But who would have thought in the 80’s that this would be one of the fastest growing Counties five years straight. We made record time and bypassed all of the traffic and made it to the landing at 6:15 pm. The rain has already passed, and the temperature was 77 degrees after that gosh awful forecast. There were no boats at the landing; the lake was almost glass, light winds, no bugs and barely a boat to be seen on the lake.
 SUNSHINE breaks through as Bob Pees prepares to launch!
 Bob on Boat on Lake Murray--Bob, WAIT!!  BOB!!!!
Bottom line-(ar ar) God had blessed us with the Perfect Storm. It had cooled everything off by 25 degrees, and even the Sun was hiding behind filtered clouds that threatened to become storms but never did because the Perfect Storm had stolen the essential heat need for breeding! We proceeded to fish and test the New GPS, Lowrance, Bug Killer and Car Wash—and although not a fish was caught; the Heineken slid down easily, washing the monstrous Hoagie that Bob had fixed into empty stomachs, as we learned this new area of the lake and gained experience with the new electronics!
 A Slight Threat...that never developed!
 John (Rare, Rare Photo), and storm over shoulder! I am Really Tired, and don't do photos--I'm one of those that cameras aren't kind too! Not FISHING, he he, for compliments either, but I finally got up the nerve! really don't give a crap anymore! I am who I am!  (Popeye?)
 Some Hot Dude, with 50 lbs of Glasses hanging off his neck! Storm again, never developed! I thankfully did Develop--I'm so punny!

Very few pics of this elusive Manly Man- Exist! I'll look even better when I get out of the house that's killing us with Mold- and then I'll post a Centerfold!


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