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What are these? They grow in clumps in the yard. Please go by and see a better Pic, as well as an awesome Blog and Pictures, on Musing's- By sage- at Sage Colored Hills.. If you have never been there--please treat yourself!!


Friendship among Women:

A woman didn't come home one night. The next morning she told her
husband that she had slept over at a friend's house. The man called
his wife's 10 best friends. None of them knew anything about it.

Friendship among Men:

A man didn't come home one night. The next morning he told his wife
that he had slept over at a friend's house. The woman called her
husband's 10 best friends.  Eight confirmed that he had slept over,
and two said he was still there.




  1. That is hilarious!!!!
    I'm gonna steal it too. Sorry Dude...

  2. Steal Away Brother--That is what we are all here for!!!


  3. LOL!. Thanks for you comments John on my blog. I notice you even have a link to me. I'll do likewise.

  4. I have no idea what those flowers are--the ones I shot was out in a meadow... I'll ask a friend who knowledge of all things wild is great and let you know. And I laughed at the difference in friendships between men and women.

  5. Oh, and what kind of university has a "Cock" as a symbol? Have you read "The Prince of Tides"? Wingo's best day is when he runs for two touchdowns against Clemson... Well, North Carolina may not be much in football but we'll be back in basketball! (do they still play that in SC, it's been so long since SC was a part of the ACC)

  6. sagey--- Biteth me! That's OLE TESTAMENT for can you see my middle fing....LOL--

    Love the jabs Buddy!! Good stuff!

    Saw the Movie--LOVED IT! That is a good book to start back with pleasure reading! I have been on Christian studies, Commentaries, etc..for too long now--can you go to long on those?

    But I need some me fun reading!

    Thanks my friend!!


  7. Heff--can't believe you said THE!! LOL.

    Peace out!


  8. Shadowthorne-- I got a big grin out of it--glad it made you smile!


    Lexen-- absolutely my friend--Welcome to Full-On Forward!

  9. I've always envied the friendships of men. They're much more loyal, aren't they??

    I love Sage's blog, btw. Cool stories and pics and the occasional book review...all good stuff!!

    ¡Que pases una buena noche, amiguito!

  10. Love your blog, found you through a comment on another Blog. Fantastic.
    I have no luck with plants, greenery or anything living....lucky I don't have a garden. LOL
    Love the differences bet Men & Women. You couldn't be more right!

  11. Can one read too many Christian books and commentaries... I think the answer is yes, although those from the Lesser of the Carolinas need all the help they can get!

    As the snob I am, I've read the book (recently) but ain't seen the movie.

  12. Cocks in the finals? I wonder who the pussies they're playing are?

  13. Ily-- I was going to agree with you on sage's Blog--but he is dissing SC big time! We are having great fun with the interstate rivalries! I really don't know sage--but I can honestly say with what info we have shared via Blogging- I would not hesitate to do all I could to help him, with anything I could! And this id just a Spiritual connection, as well as closely paralleled lives!

    ILY- I think once males bond- there is a strong strong friendship made, or either an acquaintance- Not quite as deep. It has been said that if you count more than 5 friends on 5 fingers--re-COUNT--in other words, TRUE Friends are rare and take such loyalty and such a high degree of maintenance that they are fierce!

    Bob--my best friend and I did not see each other for about 5-7 years in our 30 year friendship--different lives, drifted...we reconnected and not one day had passed. They say there are 3 times when you make a big impact and someone will forever remember you being there--Their Wedding(s)-LOL, Birth of their First Child--and any family funeral.

    Male friendships don't have that catty, competitive edge that some female friendships I've seen. However females Females- much more emotive and that competition and possible jealousy factor is hard wired in both sexes. I believe females are just as loyal. I think Male- Female true friendships are equally awesome as long as you take out the get in your pants factor--See: When Harry met ally again...which the movie totally explores that one point! Can Men & Women be friends!

    Remember- Guys- can Fart, Drink beer, do seemingly NOTHING, but as far as emotional ties, but they are totally their on a very deep level, and be best is just Biology: but the Character and Loyalty factor is phenominal.

    Females- are probably just as loyal- but I don't know the maintenance factor of a best friend female! Probably the same:

    We can all drop masks, be honest and genuinely care and listen to another person and build that trust.

    I am so blessed by God to be able to empathize, understand, listen to others, and be seen (perceived) as trustworthy, because I don't have an agenda. This is all from GOD and not from John. He is THE source of my Personality and ability to make acquaintances and friends- and my Pattern!.

    So sorry for such a long answer- but this is an awesome topic in this age of Blogging, Social Networking on a different new and Fantastic way to talk and learn about others!

    I honestly consider you a Friend--yet we have never met. I KNOW we would get along and our Friendship would only strengthen over time. Some things you just know!

    Sorry for the sermon-


  14. Mashuga Mom--Than you for such wonderful comments--I too will link to you if you do not mind!!
    Welcome with open arms to Full-ON11


  15. sage-- Nolte and Streisand are excellent--I recommend the movie- if you ever have Spare time"-- like we have tons of that right! Lesser Carolina's ! U da Man--LOL!!


  16. Buff- Oh NO you didn't--LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. the flower pics are nice, but your joke was even better!

  18. LOL_- True , though isn't it???



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