Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just "JOHN"

Just a few more.....



Life has been exceptionally complex for the last few- weeks, months....YEARS...

It seems, that I have caught up, WITH LIFE---- and everything that I have really thought/worked through, have come up looking pretty Good! I am 99% sure that I caused most of the said "Complexities" myself. Handling them correctly and as soon as they appeared would have been the smartest of several choices.

I however...and some of the Complexity I caused --so there is nothing to do but handle it! Even if I didn't cause it- I would still have to "Handle" where I am now. I wanna go Low Drama!!! Way under the Radar--except for where I like to POP up, with as much control as possible.

I choose--Here and You!- to pop up. This is my Haven....with you guys!

Apart from a couple of solid, close friends, I just don't have the same number of Casual/Social Relationships a couple would have, at a Club or Party Circuit, or a Home based Faith/Worship Group, or any number of factors that define your social circle in different time periods of your life. also.. Those relationships usually go much deeper than the superficial level and you can really gain and appreciate the dynamic that is a friendship. True friendships, require special careful cultivation, love and care. But Oh, are they worth it!

I just went out yesterday with an Old Buddy from work. (One of those rare ones- where Both Husband's and Both wives get along famously---these are very special people!) We have very similar pasts in that we both had- Open Heart Surgery and 2 stents later we have exactly the same medical Hx- and happened to end up working together at Urgent Scare. The parallel's were uncanny, anyway..... This is the a type of the God placed friend, and not just a chance meet. I really believe we have special people that come along at just the right time in our lives.) That's just me. It's happened to me to many times to be coincidental.

We went to Best Buy- (the only time I can go is WITHOUT my wife! OMG__ we get into that store together and we are walking out with Deer caught in the Headlights WEHADTOPAYBECAUSEWEWERETOEMBARRASSEDTOASKANYONETOPUTANYTHING BACKSTICKERSHOCKON OUR FACES~!! we are both gadget crazy and Love Music and Movies--so-is that place a Death Trap for the Wallet to anyone else? 

where I left a $17.99 Metal Boxed Gift Set of The Best of The Moody Blues. We went to another store 7 miles away at a nice mall, and they didn't have that Box set. They showed it Back-ordered, and not available at ALL stores- and he didn't even show the other store had that one in! I started to run back and buy it- but I got The Best of Moody Blue's.. Santana's Greatest Hits, and Train's Newest CD.., I put back a Deer Hunting Game for the PC-- It was pricey- and since I quit Hunting (or have taken an extended break) from it--, a couple more accessories for the Wii--- It is still set up and LOOKIN' GOOD--Fit and TRIM!~

We then went to Five Guys and Had a Double Cheeseburgers with, (Insert Name of Idaho town fer Taters)
a large SWEET TEA!

We had an awesome time together, killed the better part of a day with out our wives ruining a shopping trip getting what we needed to get done leisurely- but still within a small appliances warranty period!!. In this brief span of thime we proceed to 

Fixed the Economy--- AND HEALTH CARE MOST OF ALL!!!. Take Credit for Making the New Well Cap WORK for the Gulf! Talked a LOT on Anatomy.  Gotta keep those skills sharp. Talked, family, future, what are you doing about getting your shed put in know-
THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF!!!!! I am really blessed by this friendship, and this isn't fishing Buddy--although Joe and I have fished too!

"I don't know you, but I Like You! Seems like I'm always...thinking of You....

I'll be your friend!  Hey-- I can lick my butt- sit & stay....wanna see?"......  Hope

Do you think about your current situation a lot, little, only when something seems to be wrong?
Are there, or are you exploring options, or  are they already put in place, in case of Emergency?
Do you know who, how, when etc. to ask for help? What resources are available?

Most of us can probably answer YES- to at least being able to know to at least ASK FOR HELP!!!!!

Some don't even have that luxury, privilege, break, opportunity, in LIFE!! Maybe we need to all give each other a break and keep pulling together. There's strength in numbers, and there is an exceptionally LARGE group, of fine people left in this Ole' World!

I do hope and pray that things are going well in your Life!


  1. The Moody Blues set sounds nice, but not enough to go shopping for... Glad you have a good friend like that--it's a gift to have another couple that all four like to be with each other.

    2 heart surgeries and double-cheeseburgers? Watch out, as a doc told a friend of mine after his heart issue, "the fastest way to the golden gates in through the golden arches."

  2. Most of these Moody Blues songs you can either down load from the Internet or at least listen to, so I would advise you to save your pennies for more cheese-burgers!

    Hope that you have a great day!


  3. I heard enough Moody Blues as a kid - they, Leonard Cohen and Simon and Garfunkel were all my brother listened to all day every day every year ....

    I rarely ask for help. And when I finally cave because I really need it, I don't get it anyway which is why I never ask. It has always been this way for me. For some reason, I do not get heard. This breaks my heart. Over and over.

    My husband and son were irritated over my "sudden" decision to close the salon. And then that I hadn't managed to sell it. But then my son realized that I HAD asked for help and apologized and accepted that I just couldn't do it alone. I don't know if he said something to my husband but he stopped ragging at me too.

  4. sage-- didn't go shopping for it...went to Best Buy without a thought as to anything needed or wanted-- They Nailed me-- An Impulse Buy!

    Golden ate- Golden Arches--Good one--I'll tell my Doc that Tuesday. Lifestyle changing slowly.



    I like your thought process. I am just now starting to look at downloading songs and getting an i Pod. I still like my stereo set up-inside listening to music on the large speakers. It's kinda holding on the the Old way. I really want some of my Old Vinyl Albums back, and hope they start re-releasing on RECORDS!!


    oh-- VVBHFATP

    Jeannie- I was the oldest so the first to hear it! Took me this long after getting rid of all my albums--MISTAKE...but I went with the times a little. Turntables Cartridges and parts got scarce!

    To pick up The Moody Blues. I only usually buy an older groups greatest hits- as you can usually rplace about 3- CD's or Albums in One set!


    I'm Sorry no one heard you until it was way to late! Did you "TELL" them loud enough--we guys are DENSE!! Not defending them mind you.



  5. It's funny how people come into your life just at the right time, feels good to have a close friend like this and especially if the wives get along too that's a bonus.

    Dropped a bit of money there too my Friend but for Cindy rather than time my turn :^)

  6. Jimmy-- WELL SAID!!!! I also think this even carries over into the people we meet on and through our Blogs. It was definitely a plus meeting you and out of all the circumstances to get our paths to cross is pretty amazing and cool!

    Thanks Buddy!!!!

  7. Writing down what's bugging you is the best therapy, I read it somewhere.

  8. Ya know, Jimmy, they still make vinyl records, and many artists today still release new work in vinyl...but probably not all of them.
    I love that you can still buy turntables though.

  9. Just stopped by to say hI..."Hi"
    Yum Yum...cheeseburgers...especially from White Castle.

  10. There's strength in numbers, yes...and I am not afraid to go where the numbers out and help. It's ASKING for help I sometimes have a problem with.

    Love your Hope. My Brady would treat her so well. They should meet one day. :)

  11. PS - That should've read "where the numbers ARE" and help. I'm delirious! ;)

  12. Ily-- we are a lot alike when it comes to that-- I think learning to ask--comes out of being able to remember what it felt lie to really help someone. If it's finally my turn to GET or RECEIVE the help--It helps me by saying- I remember how good it made me feel to be able to help-- I am not going to keep them from that experience. Rationalization--maybe--but we do learn by doing--and Receiving is part of the process.

    I hear ya 100% though!



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