Saturday, July 10, 2010




This time it was on my HOME lake of Lake Murray SC. It's a beautiful, well used, respected and cared for man made Lake, right outside the City Of Columbia.

Here are a few pics of the day-- It was 103 actual temp--and the Thunderstorms that followed were damaging. We landed the Boat, as the first drops of rain, that turned out to be a Frog Drowner- hit.

Bob--"(He's thinking Sushi right about now!)"
Rod tip and tailing line, leading under the surface of 91.1 degree water! That's almost Bath-Tub warm!!

Pictures, another great memory,  beautiful setting and weather- (until the very end.)


It don't get much better than this!



  1. At 103 there are only three things to do. Pull fish from the lake, put humans in the lake , or leave the lake. I personally would have opted for number 2. But then fishermen are all insane for their sport.

  2. Lots of erosion from the storm huh?

    While water that warm would be wonderful - it wouldn't be very refreshing with the high air temp too.

    Glad you're having lots of fun. I'm thinking I should make at least weekly forays to one or another of our conservation areas for some water and sun.

  3. Looks like a lot of iron in that water, going by the colour.
    We have a lot of "fish-farms" around here, but you have to put the fish back into the water.

    I need to write to you soon too. I'm in a bit of a quandary and I value your opinion.


  4. I've been fishing on that Lake. But I think we used bigger bait than what you're holding...

  5. You are temps or doesn't get any better than that, I can tell by the great pics.

  6. TWM-- That sir is the first SANE thing THOUGHT that should have lingered longer in our Minds!!! We actually got overheated one time and had to just run the boat wide open for a few minutes and re-hydrate.

    Whys it that as a kid you would jump in the water in a Tux- getting wet was Mandatory!!!-but as an adult We- so restricted ourselves---- OMG water! We may get wet....., water will ruin my new watch/USB/4G Network/GPS/Wrist Phone ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! and power washer watch-

    It's amazing the power of the storm that hit us just as we loaded up. It seriously was intense and I think one gust that hit us a sit rolled unimpeded across that entire lake- was easily 45-50 mph. It scared us a little to be honest- and then it basically dropped to about 20 mph sustained.

    But Mark you are dead on with your three my Man!!!

    John----really great to see ya Buddy--you were missed over here!

    Jeannie, Tons of erosion--they change monthly almost. And it is refreshing because like you say it's 'relative'--and actually will "feel" cold for a few minutes when you hit the water!!

    I have really enjoyed it Jeannie. The return is so MUCH GREATER proportionately for time/expense/bother. If I could on this- I would Push my gal to go for it! Truly a Win/Win--I think it may help more than some of the Phsyio--and the 2 together is awesome. Just a thought!~

    I spent the first few times developing and getting a routine down for packing, and adding/re-adding stuff as needed to the list. I know have a pretty organized attack for Fishing Trip late pm... to all day outing with 2 meals involved...and it's neat seeing and getting tips from others. I love sage and Starting over Jen, and would never have learned as much about Geo-caching.

    We just have a good community of Members/Friends and Family!

    God Bless you all.


  7. Man made lake? How was it created? Here, we just flood used tin mines for lakes.

    Glad you had fun :)

  8. Shadowthorne: the same principle! Just another name for it. This is an Earthenware Dam and was the 2nd largest(I think in the world). for a long time. Constuction started in the 1930's and it's progress was documented all along the process.

    This damned up the Saluda River- and the resultant flooded land- contains a lot of Cemetery's that could not be relocated and many house, Railroad bed...ALL-- Flooded. But we sure get a lot of Electricity from it!


  9. Here we love our electricity but hate the dimished salmon runs. For a salmon to make it to it's spaning beds on the Snake River, eight dams have to be bypassed. Not many make it. There goes the native runs. But we sure like our electicity. Nice bass. A day on the lake is a good day but I will take less heat thank you very much. :D

  10. Water looked a pretty "choppy". Did that little bastard jump in the boat by himself ?

  11. I had to chuckle at the bait comment. 4lbs, I don't think so.

    Great pictures, John. I don't know how you fish in those temperatures hot for me.

  12. As an avid fly fisherman, I almost couldn't contain myself with these pictures. Nothing like the raw power of a fish on the end of the line! I grew up a trout fisherman, but would love to catch stripers on a fly rod someday! Thanks for the post!!!

  13. "Here we love our electricity"...Grayquill--welcome to the house. I know exactly what you mean. Those farmers sure wanted that land back- back in the 30's..I bet they would still trade it all back (THE MONEY GENERATED) for tier simple life style!

    But literallt milion's of prople have benefitted from the Resultant Lake.

    Now unfortunately in your situation-- the Salmon get screwed Period-(except a sufficient ?? Quota?? I hope!T hat is Terrible!!! At what cost electricity?

    I guess that balance has been reached eh?

    Great comment sir!



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