Saturday, March 8, 2008


Hi everyone,

A lot of really good stuff has been happening recently. Part of it are fruits of seeds sown past, and I think part is a positive attitude and I know a large part is answered prayer. I'll write more as I journal this process.

I enrolled in Univ. of Phoenix online and it went so smooth I'm already in and they are just waiting to apply monies from FASFA. I also found out SC Lottery Tuition assistance can and will be applied to this program as well!!!!

I'm going for my BS in Health Sciences and will take 2 courses every 9 weeks. They push you through pretty quickly. I have about 27 hours that will transfer from my Tech School here where I was enrolled in Nursing. I got so sick of jumping through hoops and the waiting list that I decided Admin. and Management may suit me better. We'll see.

After 28+ years of hands on I think I have the Clinical Down, and since ultimately I want to teach I'm pursuing this path. Right wrong or indifferent at least I'm going FULL-ON FOWARD!!!! LOL!!

Will write more later but I should know Monday if I was able to enroll in time to start classes on the 17th. If so....blogging may be limited, but I certainly won't stop. I Love my group of Friends and really enjoy the few close Cyber buddies I have.

So much so I want you to enjoy this really cool video. Yes press arrow to play Scarlet- sheesh- you can dress her up but.....LOL!!!!!!!!

Love to all,



  1. Hey John, Call me crazy, but you said you needed prayer, so I conned my hubby into adding you to our list and it looks like it worked! God loves you! (I would add, "And so do I", but I don't want to get your wife mad!)

  2. Awesome news about school from what I hear you will really like that program.

    Toot tone lol that's hilarious. Not for me though, exit only, one way street. No entrada!

  3. Kacey,

    I completely understand! Thanks so much for the prayers - and yes they are working BIG TIME! I can't thank you both enough- it's a special and comforting thing to know people are praying for you!

    Thanks again!


  4. Si Senor Hammer- is DEFINITELY One way here too- LOL> No entrada nada- I guess a Spanish suppository would be called an INNUENDO!!!!!

    Oh, I CRACK myself up, Butt enough for now. I have a feeling Hammer if we ever got started on puns it would run rampant and never end! Lowest form of Humor? Maybe so---but ya gotta love em!!!!!!

    Thanks Bud,



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