Sunday, March 2, 2008


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I am absolutely astounded at some of the colors of our skys in North and South Carolina. NC or NC State one-(I forget) even has the sky color called Cornflower Blue I think incorporated into their football uniforms. Needless to say over the years- (i got to SC in 1972) the clarity and quality of the sky's color has diminished due to MAN's contributions.

Still- there are days like yesterday and today when you look up and it still takes your breath away. Of course a picture can't even begin to do it justice, (esp. mine with the worrisome smudge in the middle left-don't try to clean your monitors-lol!!!) I think my wife got her hands around the camera- ;-). Her hands are so tiny- (because she's an Elf) that sometimes her little elfish fingers hit the lens!)

Anyway- this is coming up on my time of the year. I do love SC because we have close to four distinct seasons. We have many many flowers and bulbs already blooming and then hit 24 degrees the other night. This happens every year. It's almost like God gives em two weeks of 70 +, and more than enough rain and is saying, "Come on, c'mon little flowers", and when they peep their heads out He goes BOO- 24 degrees- "Gotcha" and luaghs and laughs.....and the flowers go, "Aw, man- you did it again..same as last year". And all of Nature just laughs and laughs!

Swallows medication.... OK- I'm back. Spring signals New birth- Jesus' Resurection, Flowers, Green grass, Summer Thunderstorms- for an exquisite perfume cocktail mix the following-

1. The smell you get right before it rains with the sweetness of the flowers and hedges mixed in.
2. A freshly mowed lawn.
3. A heavy 10 minute gully washer- to mix them all together

Allow Sun to return and then smell the residual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A fresh cut lawn, right after a thunderstorm with the flowers and hedge fragrance just starting to mingle back in!

I think the only fresher smell is Clothes right off the Clothesline smell!!!!!!!

I encourage you to dust off the Digital, or 35mm whatever, grab the children, make a picnic lunch and walk/drive to the nearest park- (because it's not crowded yet)- take a light jacket and stay till dark and look at the stars right before you head home to NO TV--and then sit and talk about the Kodack moments you just had as a Couple or a family! If single- call a family member or friend-- or try talking to the Creator who painted you the panorama to begin with- and don't forget to thank Him for it!

Download the pics immediately upon putting the kids to bed if you have them...if not download the pics- look at them as a slide show with a bottle- or 2 of your favorite wine with your remember when, and then

GO- make a new memory for the next remember when moment!

Cost of the entire package- A little time- a little gas (maybe), wine and a commitment to someone by giving them your undivided attention for a day! Just a suggestion.

You may want to semi-plan this for next week- to get the stuff needed-but don't overplan and take all the spontaneity out of it!

Peaceful in SC,



  1. John, what a fantastic post. I know the smells you were describing as they're some of my absolute favorites (Wet pine trees are another.)

    I can't wait to see consistent blue skies again. Ohio's weather is not very kind this time of year, although it's 40 outside right now. I'm ready to go lay out in the sun.

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful post.


  2. Simple but so meaningful. Great post, Juansito!

  3. Thanks Guys! & You are very welcome.


  4. I just hate when it rains for 10 mins then clears up and gets hot as a mother. My hair fuzzes up like an afro

  5. This day you are describing won't come to us for another month or so. Right now, we are still up to our ears in snow. With no sign of anything green any where.

  6. Sorry Guys!

    I know Poopsie- I used to have a FRO! LOL

    Jeannie- sorry- I can't imagine that much snow to deal with....brrrrrrrr!



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