Saturday, March 22, 2008


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Sweet or what?

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Honestly- How can we not believe and give thanks???

As most Christians worldwide celebrate this awesome day I have to stop in awe and wonderment. Is that a word? Our Religion- really isn't one. It's more of a belief system. Because of all the religions ours is based on A LIVING RESURRECTED SAVIOR AND LORD, and all the others are dead!

How do you know it really happened you ask. You weren't there you say. How do you know it didn't. Neither were you. And just, just what if it did. I would much rather live my life as best I can by the Bible and come out believing I'll live forever, in case (which I believe it is). I don't have the right to cram it down anyone's throat, but I do know what happend to me personally in Sept 1983. I fell on my knees crying by myself in my living room and cried out to God. I knew there had to be something better than pot, and booze to alter my perception of reality at that time. He called me to Him over a period of years and who knows how many hours of prayer from Mom and countless other Christians. The timing was right. The timing is righ now because the Bible says, TODAY- is the day of Salvation..right now..this exact moment in time. As it is every moment, all the time. God is always available and ready to forgive you know matter how bad you've been or how GOOD you think you are. Good won't cut it!
The tickets not that cheap. It was bought and paid for with Blood. Ransom money. Jesus died and paid the fine so you could live a life divine. Will all things clear up and go away. No. But your attitude towards them and how you approach and handle them will. That I can guarantee. That's how you know He's there. Your Heart changes. You physically change into a new person. I don't know how--but you can feel it and it's not an hysterical emotional response most of the time. Usually it's a quiet seeping og a Knowledge that something is in you that wasn't there before. But you KNOW!!!! Beyond a shadow of a doubt if you sincerely call on the name of Jesus to come into and live in and with you- YOU KNOW!!!!!

I changed. I changed from a Pot smokin/selling/alcohol drinking Paramedic who cussed like a sailor on the mean streets, and in one night God completely took curse words from my mouth. I just could not say them anymore! This lasted for 10-15 years and I gradually started slipping, but I still do not cuss in everyday life. This is the one place where I really act out and do not represent my Saviour well at all. Call me a hypocrite, call me what you will....just call me Saved when the Rapture comes and if your nearby and not rising...I PROMISE I'll grab your hand!

I try to love everyone. It's tough- heck it's even tough to Love yourself. But every day I try. And tomorrow if it comes...I'll try again.

I Love the forgiveness part. It doesn't give you license to sin- but it covers you when you do.

God's Grace and Mercy. If you have totally screwed up your life so far- like I had- What the heck- Give GOD a HONEST HEARTFELT CRY and ask for help. See what happens. What can it hurt? Pick up a Bible like the Message or the Living Bible and just read it like you would any book. And think about the Ocean, the stars. a baby's perfect fingers and nails. Puppy breath, Poots! Ahhh Heavenly Gas. Yes, God made that to. Only he said Let there be Light...not Let's light em'!!

Happy Easter to All and May you hear God's knock- if he's knocking on the door of your heart...don't just look out the peephole and hide the door- and let Him in.



"Behold, I stand at the door and knock, and if anyone hears me and let's me in, I will dine with him and He with Me." That's right- Jesus wants to come over for supper! Set Him a plate wont you?


  1. A beautiful post, John. Thanks for keeping the message simple and real and sharing your testimony. (I knew you had a good one!)

    Have a wonderful Easter, and thanks for the awesome words you left me on my blog. You're a great guy!

  2. Excellent post John...very well said!

    Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!

    I feel convicted in my blog sometimes because I know maybe bajingoland images aren't appropriate. But I see all that from a medical perspective but perhaps others don't. Then there is one of the easter cartoons I put'll know.

    Work in progress.

    i will come back this week to do the study you have in your other blog. :)

  3. I hear ya loud and clear Sista Sea! LOL. We are doing OK. We are the King's kids and He knows the true intent of our hearts. Let's not let Satan seal ANY of our joy!! We've won dang it- and I don't think God is such a tight Butt as people make Him out to be. It is a relationship right? And we are who we are right. Jesus called us friends right?

    So we'd be lying if we had these things in our hearts and did not post. Now granted: Ultimately we probably shouldn't. But people see us as real and we aren't killing them with DONT's. I think that is better evangelism than some that others use.

    Now should we grow every day and try not to do it- Absolutely. But Satan CONDEMNS where GOD gently convicts. So we'll just grow together in our trek to become better disciples.!!

    Much Love in Him


  4. I had surgery on Monday afternoon, after a rush home from Ft. Myers to Toledo. The vascular surgeon cut into my neck with a local and I was wide awake, but lying under a sterile drape. Believe me, I spent the time talking to Him and He spent the time holding the hand without the I.V. God is good --- all the time!

  5. What a great post. We are saved, but we are human too. We're all a work in progress.


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