Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Boy am I tired. 12-hrs= 143 patients
Day 2, 12 hrs. = 124 patients. Usually we average about 100 a day
Day 2 correction- 154 patients!!!!
Day 3, 12 hrs. 146 patients- 8-10 with Positive Influenza A.
We should be on the Weather Channel soon LOL.
Fixing to go in for my 3rd 12 and then weeeeeee- 4 days off!! I did this before (3 12's in a row) and it about killed me. Now I work Monday and Tuesday and have every Wed off and work work alternating Thursday's or Friday depending on what week for my 36 hrs. That is considered full time.

The new job opening would involve a pay raise and killer hours. I would essentially kiss every ones butt to make their visit to Urgent Care as easy as possible. I can schmooze really well(after many many years of BS) I can maybe finally use it! It's called Guest Services and you are responsible for all the Volunteers (pink ladies) Lord bless them. Taking care of the entire buildings Dr's lounge/Lunches.

Basically you just run around putting out fires. I could still do some clinical if the needed me in back. For those of you who Pray- Please do so- it would be an awesome change in the same Hospital System!




  1. Good luck re: the new job. God will surely guide you.

  2. I am praying that if the job is right for you that you get it. If it would kill you, someone else gets it.

  3. John you will be great in it! I would love to work with you or be under our care as a pt! I am sure you are a blessing and will be to all.

    It's both stressful and exciting going to a new job. May you be blessed and be a blessing while working there. :)

    I'm still praying to get into where I want. Ya never know. :)

  4. IF it right for you then take it!!!!!!! jut dont over do it buddy!

  5. Thanks for the support everyone!!!!
    I just have to plan for down the road because as you can see the numbers I just can't keep up that pace of 100+ patients a day.

    I'm OLD!!! LOL. I Love you guys tons!!!!!


  6. Good gosh, who could keep that crazy pace. Good luck to you, John. Let us all know what happens.


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