Sunday, January 13, 2008


I live just outside of Columbia Sc (about 11 miles- so we are still in the Cola proper but a different tax base and schools. We had the honor of having Mr. Tim Russert do Meet the Press from our local TV studio- NBC's WIS-TV Channel 10. QUITE an HONOR!!!!!!!!

The guest this Sunday- Congresswoman and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

I'm heading to the Urgent Care where I work for some IV fluids, some Phenergan or Zophran- (anti-Puking agents) and some Morphine to put me on the same plain as Democrats so I's can understand them.

If you are a Democrat I'm sorry- for you! You have been deluded and Dilaudid. The second choice is the best!!!!! In my Grandpa's day the GOP was all die hard Democrat and that was the party to be for. Whence came the swing? I know through past experiences that we have had slim pickens in past Presidential Elections- Hell Gerald Ford got in by default and played golf!

Uh- Gerald Ford- Hmmmmmmmm- I don't know what model Ford that is. Probably like the Pinto. Rear end it and it will blow up. Anyway I digress as we all seem to do when it comes to politics and religion.......

Vote your Heart but keep your hand on your arse! (Wallet or Purse) Either way the taxes and
giveaways are coming-----truer words were never spoken than


OK-OK- that wasn't the commercial but you get my drift. i only hope and pray we survive this election as we have others over the years and the resil..reseil-- ability to bounce back & adapt of Americans continues to hold true! We are a great country. We should always be a great country. Like it or not we will always take care of all the world-

AHEM. ...... send me you poor , your tired, your weary, your broke ass poverty stricken Aids infested , bottom dwellers......sorry- again I digress, and we will feed, clothe, heal them & give them OUR jobs. (Basically it's because Americans are too damn lazy to work "menial jobs" but that's not the point!

What's the point- I don't know. I wrote it- YOU figure it out. I'm tired of doing all the work for yo sorry butt!


PS: See why I don't do Political?? I more comfortable in the realm of religion where you can argue ANYTHING and no one can ever REALLY dispute you or prove anything! Me likes FAITH!
It's so, so,-----INDIVIDUAL & COLLECTIVE at the same time!


  1. I don't do a lot of political either, but I sure hope we get someone honorable in the whitehouse.

    We're doomed if we get someone who panders for the welfare vote.

    When I read that republicans candidates want to give scholarships to illegal aliens I felt an immediate need for some phenergan suppositories.

  2. I see we agree on this!!!!


  3. I'm not political either, but I have to somewhat disagree on the immigrants. I grew up in a city with plenty of people who were on welfare, 'disabled', or illegally here. I have to say that, if it were up to me, I'd rather have my tax dollars go to an illegal immigrant who is just here to better themselves and give their children a better future, than some welfare drug-addict. Out of all of the immigrants that I have met, there have only been a few that I have met that I have thought should be kicked out of here. Out of the welfare people that I have met, almost all of them were just taking advantage - including some of my family members. I have always found that infuriating. There are so many people who are left homeless or have their families broken apart because the government wont help them. Then you have families that make it some sort of tradition to lie to the government and not work. I used to have neighbors that would spend their time from early morning to late at night in their patio while went to work everyday so that my taxes could support them. Then, you have your 'disabled' people who dont work because they have something wrong. I can't remember the number of times I dealt with a customer, who would ask me to carry or lift something for them. I would. But, while I would do that, they would tell me their excuses for why they didn't work or couldn't do things. Many of them would say that it was Carpel Tunnel, tendenitis, or scoliosis. I have tendenitis and scoliosis. I constantly have hand, wrist and back pain, but that doesn't mean that I can't find a job that would work with my situation. I also had plenty of people who were disabled because they ate their way into disability. If they really wanted to, they could find some sort of desk job, or a job of some sort where all they do is sit. The only immigrants that I have met that make a negative contribution to America are the ones who are unable to get a job because of their situation; so they seem to turn lazy and want fast money. Otherwise, I think that immigrants make a huge possitive impact here in America. If it weren't for them, we would be paying outrageous prices for our food. They do the jobs that everyone is too lazy to do. A few years back when the government went after the farmers so that they wouldn't hire immigrants, the prices were extremely high for food. Everyone complained and I think the government decided to be smart and quietly backed off. The immigrants constantly and quietly do all of the hard and disgusting jobs that we refuse to do, especially if we know that we're going to get shitty pay. I know I wouldn't.
    Except for the american indians, we were all immigrants here at some point or another. We have all brought some good and bad with us, but all in all, thats what makes America so damn great!
    Don't get me wrong, there are immigrants that need to get kicked out of here immediately! But, the other immigrents are the ones who allow the rest of us to continue to be well off.
    If you ask me, we have way too much money leaking out into bad places, and unfortunately, we're the ones stuck paying for it with our own sweat.


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