Thursday, January 3, 2008


7 weird/random things about me:

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1. I find it weird that this is the first time I've ever been tagged.

2. I find it weird that i before e except after c doesn't seem to apply to weird.

3. I've been told I've been weird all my life. Even by people I've just met. Weird huh?

4. I think really weird chit and do really weird things. I do the weird things for attention of course but I'm really more interested in seeing people's reactions to what I do. I went to our Mall and it had a Big plastic sign with the shapes of all the stores and the "you" are here arrow. It was plexiglass and very colorful. I just started hitting the stores that looked like The Starship Enterprise console yelling..."I'm giving her all I got Captain-----she's gonna blow!" In a really crappy Scotty's voice. My wife, sister and Brother in law walked away quickly. A small crowd gathered, then I just walked away.

5. I bore easily. Especially with a drill.

6. I probably should have looked up the definition of weird before I did this. It may have changed all my responses. If I can pick 7 people I will- if not I won't- I never want anyone to play along unless they want to since it's ""their""---wait look- more weirdness look at this word- THEIR- e before I again- what gives- this is weired! and that means the genius Einstein misspelled his name twice in just his last name alone! IENSTIEN???? I think not!!! I've never done a mime--I mean a Meme- I did a mime once. All I got was the silent treatment.

So if I can pick I will and I'd like to thank Chrysallis for tagging me because I honestly enjoyed this one!!!!

I'll work on the tags.



  1. You made me laugh as usual, John. Doing #7 in another post was indeed weird. Interesting closing. Good job.

  2. Funny John and Happy and Blessed 2008 to you! :)


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