Friday, November 2, 2007


Hi all,

Just a short update. All is still going well with health and especially with relationship with Sandi (My much better 1/2). We are sharing , talking laughing- a lot!!and just having a having a blast together! Work is getting ready to shift into high gear with Flu season just about to pop up. We are still seeing tons of Streps, a few Mono's and a TON of MRSA.

We have a whole community that we serve about 15 miles from the one I work at and we get all of their patients after 5:00. Many Many Meth addicts from out there and more "SPIDER BITES" than you can count. I really think the news did a very poor job in reporting about what MRSA is, but most importantly that it can be treated and most of all PREVENTED with proper hygiene!! But did the news mention much of that?

No- it the one or two isolated cases out of literally thousands because of the delay in the patient getting treatment that caused their death.
At least it's getting the Name out there and then we can educate them when they come in.
Got some much needed rain- deficit is still close to 20" below normal--duh Deficit ---below normal!!!! what an armpit I am sometimes! I outta be banned. Yuk Yuk. Or at least hit by a Brutish Right Guard while playing Polo and cleaning out an Old Spice Rack. Don't make me pull some High Karate on you butt! Yeah I stank. Ok- I digress enough and I'm even thankful to be typing on this putrer! I am truly blessed!!!!

God bless all- with the new schedule I should be able to crank out countless puns that make you want to _________________ with a Pygmie, while ________________ his/her little ______________________ standing on one leg playing the picolo, and shouting ________________, _________ and ______ the __________games only half Over!!!!!!

Loves ya,



  1. Did you know preggos can get flu shots? I totally got one.

  2. THATS GREAT!!!!!!!! I am doing well too after a heart transplant!! am home now and quite happy!! :)


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