Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Guys and cals I can't stand this anymore! I MUST BLOG!!!! LOL> Have gone through last 2 Sundays papers and just don't see anything in the budget--(FREE) LOL) that will do us right now. I do ask for your prayers that God will help me find a way to work some overtime or something, as very very soon this will hold me up from enrollment in Winter classes. I must take these rinky dink BS classes to get them out of the way (my prerequisites) and only then can I get on the WAITING LIST!!!

I am sooo frustrated. Things are going so well in my marriage, at work, faith etc...and I hit this brick wall when it comes to classes. I feel sure this is the direction I'm supposed to go in but door after door gets slammed in my face!

Oh, well- lets stay positive. Everything will work out in it's own perfect time- I guess I just need to learn Patience and to trust in God even more. Like I said I'm willing to do my part- extra work etc- I didn't excpect one to just fall into my lap, but jeesh- you think you could catch a little positive stuff every once in a while!.

Sorry guys but I needed to get this out. It's been gnawing at me on the inside and I just don't quite understand (and probably never will) the reason(S) behind this delay or particular stop time! But I am getting frustrated! Will try to consolidate and put this in better words and perspective and put on Shhh...God's Talking. (I'll just post this one for now!)

Yours in Christ,



  1. Man, I hope things work out. I'm glad that everything else is going ok. We miss reading your stuff!

  2. Time to network, man...see if there's anyone around where you live, or at your church, who has a computer you can at least borrow while you take your coursework. It won't be yours, but it's better than nothing.

    Good luck - hope it works out.

  3. Thanks Hammer and Squeaky- am making calls as wee push forward. omething good will happen! It always does. omeone will ahve an extra one just lying around! I jsy miss checking everybody's sites and seeing whats going on!!!!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. Look to see me back on-line with my very own computer soon!

    Love to you all


  4. John - what are you going for? It's good to see you back on here. Be careful of pushing if doors are continuously shut. It could be the timing is wrong for you. I've had this happen and usually found I was being protected from something. Even when I felt so frustrated and upset at the time. Hang in there. Like the one person said. Network. Glad all else is great!

  5. Sound solid advice and I have learned to seek Godly counsel. I have found it here among my friends. I will back off- ake a deep breath and wait on the Lord.

    Meantime I will continue in my Ministry at Urgent Care giving the best possible care and treating people as they should be treated.

    Thanks all for caring enough to to get me back on track!!

    Love to you all!



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