Sunday, November 4, 2007


Should be back on-line full speed aheead!

Yeah Poopsie! Knew preggos could get one but I forget all the trimester dates of when ya can and when ya can't- so we just shipp all you 2 packaged as 1's off to the Gynercolologist! Least thats what we cal em hear- Gynerculologists---er just plain ol baby Doctores. Sorry slipped into my Sling Blade accient fer a minute! Glad all is going well. New puter should be shipped 3-5 and yes it is a Dell! I had to get it through the Hospital- the deal was too sweet not to pass up on- ahhhh one of the benefits of corporate greed I guess.

And Kaylee- wow girl- a heart Transplant! I mean like that is absolutely mind blowing. And I though my thre litlle vessels was something! I pray all is well. Do you feel like yourself? LOL Had to get that in there! Lest someone BEAT me too it- ok- I'lll give ya a break on the puns- I'm sure all your friends had a head heart I mean start-see I can't quit- A orta behave myself!
Keep me posted OK? Do you, did you or do you want to know who the donor was?

I've heard that you can actually feel some vibes or there are reports of some little things about recipirnts and donors. Let me know if any of that is true! I'm so happy for ya gal!!!!!!

OK-all- look for some wieredness and finally some more pictures- tied to upload one on this and they sent a Electric Company representative stating our subdivision couldn't handle the pull on the transformer- if I wnated He's upoad it from his house! LOL!

I turn this thing on and the lights dim in the house! I started typing this in June!

Aloha- Love to everyone- and NO- spell check wasn't done in lieu of time!


  1. So many questions but,i asked for it.haha.Anyways,i am not feeling like Myself yet.I am still feeling some pain.But,i hope it doesnt last long.Yeah,I did find out who the donor was.There actually was a sad story behind it.I will certainly keep you posted.Yes that is true! But,I Didnt find out that way.Thanks :)

  2. Glad to hear you will soon be up to speed again! Some days it seems like everyone has simply decided not to bother any more.

  3. yeah but even a cheap dell is still a dell


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