Monday, June 11, 2007


(Howie mandels" voice) WISE? OR NOT WISE??

If you'd like go ahead and type Wisdom in the Search Box on the right in BibleGateway and look at the different features on that site! It's really well done.

Coming Very Soon: a daily or semi daily/weekly Word Study on Wisdom. Based loosley on Song Of Solomon, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes-- Oh Heck the WHOLE BIBLE!!!! We will do an indepth Biblical Word study and or small group discussion on all aspects of Wisdom and probably more importantly HOW TO APPLY IT! Remember TITTS???

Taking It To The Streets-- Practical Uses and Applications OF OUR STUDIES for our daily Journey through life.

I Love doing these word studies, for my personal growth so if you'd like to follow along I'd love to have you drop by- read, COMMENT- even if it's just to challenge me.

I will be doing this anyway as this is what I would be doing in my daily journal. If you are at all interested or know of anyone that might be--tell them to check daily for updates and posiibly even a loose knit syllabus- allthough I like to keep it fluid. Also depends on how much time I can devote to how much I post for educational content- if it's just personal I don't have to justify and check my sorces as carefully than if and when I'm doing it as a "Lesson" I take teaching God's word very very seriously- even though it will most definitely be humorous- (You'll decide that right?)

Again- I may be the only one reading this but I'll be glad I journaled it 5 years from now so I can look back and measure any progress or lack thereoff, I have made in my daily walk with God on this crazy journey!!

John McElveen

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