Friday, June 29, 2007


I'm reading a cool book by Thomas a Kempis who lived about 500 years ago and wrote an awesomely inspiring book called: OF THE IMITATION OF CHRIST. Becoming More Like the Master.

Here is a neat excerpt and my translation:


We ought to daily renew our purpose and stir up ourselves to fervor, as though we had for the first time today entered the Christian life, and to say: "Help me, O Lord God, in this my good purpose, and in Thy Holy service; and grant that I may now this day begin perfectly, for that which I have done hitherto is as nothing."

I know- I know-- and Yes- I am reading it! Albeit in the bathroom- I am reading it! And I am getting a little out of it. Here is my interpretation.


Every Day we get a Do over with God. After a while, whatever we do all the time gets stale and old. Work bleeds into work, weekends fly by, routine becomes routine...same ol same ol, and we start measuring life in Prescription Refills! Thomas is saying- Look, everything I have done up to this point is Doo-Doo. God please help me, no matter what it is I'm doing today- to do it as if it were my last day on earth. Help me by reviving my love and zest for life- like when I first met You and everything was new and exciting!

Help me with my Special Purpose (No NOT Steve Martins' from the Jerk-lol) but what I was uniquely and purposefully created to do. What you made ME, uniquely to be. And to do the job on earth that NO OTHER person is able to do, but me.

Help me find and renew that purpose with a passion, like it's the First day of school, or on a New job or whatever it is, that will create a sense of exicetment, love, adventure- a sense of PURPOSE-and RENEWAL in my life. Help me to stay so closely tied to You that it is new every morning! Everyday is an ADVENTURE- even the mundane and routine are done with a bounce in my step, or a whistle from my lips. My eyes are seeing the same old things but with 20/Plenty vision. That even in my lack, I have more than enough.

Thank You, LORD. For helping me start every day with New Vision, New Balance and New Hope! And when the trials come- and come they will, that I meet them with Purpose, Clarity and NO FEAR!

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