Friday, June 8, 2007


As you can tell I'm trying a lot of different stuff- formats- etc. Babs has an absolutely awesome new template and I may try one of the new formats. I also realize that content can get lost in a very "busy" site too so if you will allow me to get in touch with my feminine side---(ohhh- ouhhhh- hot suff burned my self!!!! duh duh duh duh duh da dunt! (Eddie Murhy impression) I will sooner or later get back to what this is really all about- errr. "artistic expression and gayness Jim?" "No, Wally- I think you being a little hard on the Beaver- (And you thought I could let that slide Poop!! And as you can see I'm a fast learner- thanks to you I was able to put the Hyperlink in--- Thanks to you and Barbara both for helping an html, RSS widget challenged newbie in all things BLOGGER! I really appreciate it guys!

Ok- Robin Williams flashback- it's Over! Gotta pay some bills! AFLACK! Just put them on my duck.


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