Thursday, June 7, 2007


HOPE- -our Lab- and I pray that you have it in abundance in your life!!


I ask a simple blessing on all my new friends and acquaintences on our Blog- I certainly don't know them well enough to pray on a level that may impact their lives-but I know you do. And whether or not they believe in prayer or even believe in you is still not so much the point... the point is that you believe in them. I do also. I believe that there is goodness in all of us and my simple prayer is that you would bring that goodness to the top in every life and every person that wants that for themselves, their family, friends, loved ones and yes even their enemies!

I Love you Father.

In Jesus Name,

Amen & Amen


  1. Gotta take care o my peeps-- are you sure it wasn't gas again -LOL??

    Hey meant to ask earlier- How's the Grill???

    And the SunCprisped Sunburned Boy?? That seriously looked like a BADD sunburn!!! Not even beginning to laugh at that!!!

    Have a great weekend- have to go work my 2 12 hour which will turn into 14 hours -shifts- but I really love my job so I may not post until Monday!



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