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This is so cool. I wanted to do a word study on Wisdom- so I looked in My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers under Wisdom. One of the days listed for wisdom was JUNE 9Th!!! The ONE day I did not read my daily devotional. So- we will start with a little serendipitous event from above with June 9Th 2007 devotion from Oswald Chambers.



1. Ask if you have not received. It is so hard for us to sometimes "just ask"- There is even commercial on now that shows a woman and her son and he asks- "What's wrong Mom?" She says, "I want new floors and I don' know how to ask your father." The kid pauses then yells- "DAD! Mom wants new Floors!" Just ask! But we are usually afraid of the answer- we sure don't like to hear- NO! - for any reason- what is it about US and rejection??

With God and this particular question you will NEVER hear no- It's His will and He always answers in the affirmative if it's in His will- (OK- sometimes timing has something to do with it!! :-). Usually we wait until the last possible moment to ask for- help, advice, and especially money. But have you ever asked God for anything out of absolute MORAL POVERTY? You desperately need help- an answer- any answer- something- anything???

"If any of you lack WISDOM, let him ask of God... ," BUT- be sure you DO lack wisdom. You cannot just bring yourself up against reality any time you like- if you know what to do in said given situation- do not play dumb with God! The next best thing to do if you ARE NOT Spiritually real, is to ask God FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT, on the word of Jesus Christ..see Luke 11:13

(LUKE 11:13 : 13If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!")

God will give you what you need when you honestly ask out of a deep and abiding spiritual need! You will give you children good things- how much more will God..... please see AD's post concerning his beautiful daughter about Fathers giving the absolute best for their children- PS: HANKY ALERT!!!!

The HOLY SPIRIT is the one who MAKES REAL in you- all that Jesus did for you!


To receive means that you have come into the relationship of a child of God, and now you perceive with intelligent and moral appreciation and spiritual understanding that these things come FROM God. Not form our own goodness, or inherent abilities, traits, talents etc. They are outside of anything we can do or be or hope to attain on our own. Even though we feel we are totally self sufficient and ALL capable of almost anything. But remember- we are now reduced to the point of ASKING out of Rock Botomlessness-es !!

"IF ANY OF YOU LACK WISDOM...." If you realize you are lacking it is because we have come in contact with a Spiritual reality: Do not put your Spiritual Blinders on again--to ASK here means--literally TO BEG!!! so don't go back to the I can handle it department...realize you have come full circle and AXE- I mean ask... Part of our Maturity in Relationships is to stop the Game Playing and be open and honest about when we need help- or in this particular case- WISDOM.

ASK-- NO BEG God for wisdom and help here out of such a sense of poverty and need that He cannot fail but to see how desperately you need, want and must have the answer. Not out of a sense of well we are still a couple of checks away from homelessness or bankruptcy---no- BEG out of the sense that you have been foreclosed upon already- putting stupid PRIDE to death and asking EXPECTING TO RECEIVE! He will respond as immediately as the prayers leave your lips if and when you cry out to Him in total dependency.

Next: A working Definition of Wisdom- then some applications as well as starting to build a foundation for the learning process.

Do you lack wisdom? If so, in what area(s)? Are you to the point of being able to beg God for it or are you still mentally dependant on thine self?

Until God is ALL YOU HAVE- it is then that' you'll finally realize that HE IS ALL YOU'VE EVER NEEDED!

John McElveen
25Th Anniversary 06/11/2007

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